Crooked Floor Boards

Crooked Floor Boards

 Westland, Michigan, USA

Crooked Floor Boards is a one piece acoustic badn from the town of westland michigan, drawing inspiration from bands like brand new and circa survive to artist like bob dylan and cat stevens.
crooked floor boards is fueled by passion and never ending ideas and the love of playing music.


I've been writing songs and singing since 5th grade, but I never took it seriously till late 2009 I started writing acoustic songs for the lyrics I couldn't use in my band its growin so much since then, I've been playing. Guitar since 4th grade im not the best im not bad though I believe that songs like these should be cept simple to convey the emotion of the lyrics. Get to know me ask me to play shows I love doin this.


Sleeping sessions 2011

Set List

intro/closure song
Bad Habits
burried it
legless in michigan
act appalled
Hide Underground
sowing seasons
Getting scared.