Crooked Letta

Crooked Letta

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In a world that we seek perfection, we search for balance. In a mathematical equation you look for the sum. In Hip Hop, we do what just feels good! You are now part of the Crooked Letta Movement.


It is not often in the music field that we can enjoy the best of both worlds and diversified cultures. Fortunately we are able to demonstrate this and more. With melodic grooves and catchy hooks. Crooked Letta keeps the dance floors bouncin and the low end in your trunk thumpin. Giving you all the elements of Hip Hop, rapping and singing. This dynamic duo is compared to none. Its time for you to experience the movement!!!


* Flossin 07
* 2 songs on Amungus(Robbie T from the GooGoo Dolls) upcoming project.
* "Here We go" Nate Clements Show, Buffalo Bills
* Kiss 98.5, DJ Anthony, Theme song
* Wild 101, Corey Mottley Theme Song

Set List

CL Anthem
Live And Jumpin
Party Time
Young And Fly
Rocked Out
Stickey Ickey
CL Boys
Ass Up