Crooked X

Crooked X


Crooked X is a band of 7th Grade Students with a love for Heavy Rock Music. We have played over 70 shows in the last year and a half as well as performed on Radio and Television.


Crooked X was formed by four friends that played sports together and shared a love for Rock Music. Crooked was voted "Rising Star" for the 2006 Spot Music Awards presented by the Tulsa World. Crooked X is a band of 12 and 13 year old musicians from Coweta, Oklahoma. Crooked X has a Metallica inspired sound with the heavy sound and stage show of seasoned Rockers! Crooked X has had over 70 shows since April of 2005, and has performed on Radio and Television also. Crooked X has played the Cains Ballroom, Urban Tulsa Newvo Show and also Dfest and DfestX. What sets Crooked X apart is a die hard work ethic. To see our concert schedule, check us out at Crooked X CDs are available at all their shows as well as on-line and at Video Network in Coweta.


Crooked X currently has an 11 song CD and the songs are rotated on our Myspace.

Set List

A Crooked X set list is typically 90% original and 10% cover. The set list can change depending on the requirements of the venue and last up to 90 minutes.