Crossed Out

Crossed Out


What do you get when these five teens come together to change the world by making the most of all they have been given? A fresh alternative/rock sound that is full of youth, viberancy, and a message that glorifies the joys and pitfalls of everyday life.


What does it mean to be relevant in this world? No one has it all figured out. Many of today’s generations are looking for answers without asking the questions. Crossed Out strives with every note to make an impact and break free of the status-quo that most would staple on young adults. Life, faith, hope, happiness, and depression are issues that are tackled head-on in many Crossed Out songs; all with the ultimate goal to be in the world...but not of it.

For the past couple of years, Crossed Out has constantly been honing their craft; sharing the stage with Jars of Clay, Skillet, Kyrstal Meyers, Big Daddy Weave, and more. Many show were played, many friends were made, and many lives were changed. Bassist Tyler Hays says, “Getting to actually talk to the kids after shows and hear how our music touches them makes all the difference.” During a live Crossed Out show, expect enough creativity and exciting energy to fill any venue. On the contrary, don’t expect Crossed Out to be your run-of-the-mill rock band. Underneath all the drums, guitar riffs, and low-end bass lie a positive message that someone of any age can appreciate. In Dec. 2006, Crossed Out’s self-produced debut EP was released, titled, “Let Loose But Don’t Lose It.”

With only each other to rely on, these five Tennessee natives have built everything from the ground up. Starting when all the bandmates were in high school, Crossed Out knew they had something special. After winning a talent festival, Crossed Out’s second performance of all time was in front of 8,000 youth. “It was an awesome experience, and we were inspired to take things more seriously,” says guitarist Zack Roskop.” At the time, we weren't the best instrumentalists, but there was definitely a raw energy that attracted people to us.” With an ever-growing fan base, Crossed Out continues to work harder than you would ever expect from 17-20 year-olds. They have done all of their own writing, producing, promotion, and booking. “When we write a song, we are always seeking truth to make sense of the world around us. We are the same age as most of our crowds, so there is always a common feeling that they know exactly where we’re coming from.” The music industry is ever-changing, and Crossed Out is always looking for a new way to be innovative and creative. They truly believe in their ability to make a difference and change the world.

“As cliché as it may sound, a bad day with the band is better than a good day anywhere else. I have a true love and passion for what we are doing. Music is something that can reach the un-reachable, and a song can mean something different to each person. But in the end, it’s not about us or the CDs . . . We are a part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s a movement, and I will never forget the experiences we’ve had.” - Tyler Hays


Let It Go

Written By: Ryan Berner/Lance Whitehead/ Zack Roskop/ Tyler Hays

He had a mullet and he wasn't afraid to show it
she had baby and she was only fourteen years old
He made smoothies at the smoothies stand downtown
And all of the people in Knoxville are happy to be around

She dropped out of high school/She barely gets by
And she is selling her life just to get high
And she is afraid to think of what people have said
Life is a nightmare and its not just in her head

Someday you'll learn to let it go and then you'll know
That He is the One you need the most

He is not really sure what he is doing with his life
He is a heavy smoker, and he hates his three ex-wifes

Someday you'll learn to let it go and then you'll know
That He is the One you need the most


Novemeber 2006- EP "Let Loose But Don't Lose It"

Set List

A full concert will last approx. an hour and a half. However, Crossed Out will alter their show to fit any crowd and/or time frame. Covers may also be performed.