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"The Top Blues Bands in Connecticut: Crosseyed Cat"

An Interview with Guitarist and Vocalist Edgar Sanchez Jr of Crosseyed Cat
by: Tom J McCabe

On Friday, February 13, 2009, which is Valentine's Day Eve, a very close and special female friend and I celebrated Valentine's Day at Black - Eyed - Sally's restaurant in downtown Hartford, Connecticut. Besides being known for their delicious Cajun
and BBQ foods, Black - Eyed - Sally's is also one of the leading venues for live blues music in Connecticut. My friend had suggested that we go to this venerable blues bar and she mentioned that a blues band named Crosseyed Cat was playing there that night. Previously, I had never heard of Crosseyed Cat, but after seeing and hearing this blues band perform that evening, I have to state that in my humble opinion, they are one of the top blues bands in the state of Connecticut.

My friend and I both enjoyed Crosseyed Cat's music and onstage presence very much. Their stripped - down, yet full and potent persona and approach was refreshing and exciting. One of the things about this Connecticut - based blues band that really appealed to me, was their apparent lack of bombastic egotism and pretentiousness. These guys come across like regular Joes who just happen to be phenomenal musicians.

When I went outside to smoke a cigarette during a break in the music, their sound man, Dave was also outside, doing the same. When I asked him about adding our e - mail addresses to Crosseyed Cat's mailing list, he was very friendly and said that he would show me how to add our names. Their sound man led me to the stage area, where I had the opportunity to meet Crosseyed Cat's guitarist and vocalist Edgar Sanchez Jr, also known as Sweet Eddie.
Sweet Eddie, who is a gifted guitarist and very good vocalist, seemed very down - to - earth and friendly. When I asked him if he would come over to our table, to meet my friend, he readily agreed. We chatted with him for several minutes and found him to be very pleasant. A few minutes
later, his brother, Tommy Sanchez, Crosseyed Cat's drummer, came over to our table and also chatted with us for several minutes. Like his brother, this excellent drummer was very friendly. We did not get to meet this Connecticut blues band's awesome bass player, Scott Slogeris, though, he was busy doing something else during the break. Both of the Sanchez brothers spoke very highly of their bass player, however.

I was so impressed with Crosseyed Cat that I decided to write an article about the band. After leaving a message on Edgar Sanchez's voice mail, he returned my call a short while later. He said that he was calling from Miami, Florida, where he was attending a Brazilian carnival. This Connecticut - based blues artist was very gracious and answered all of my interview questions enthusiastically. Presented here, is an interview (slightly paraphrased in parts) with Edgar Sanchez Jr of Connecticut - based blues band Crosseyed Cat.

What type of music does Crosseyed Cat play ?

We play a wide variety of musical styles. Although CEC regularly plays many types of blues music, including Chicago Jump and Buddy Guy - style blues, slow blues and Stevie Ray Vaughan - style blues, we also cross - over into selected styles of rock music. We are not necessarily a traditional blues band.

How long has Crosseyed Cat been performing together ?

The band has been performing for approximately 19 years. My brother Tommy (CEC's drummer) and I have been playing and performing together since we were kids. I have been playing guitar since I was nine years old. Crosseyed Cat used to be a five - piece band, with two guitarists, a drummer, bass player and keyboardist. Now, we work as a three - piece band and it's great. Scott Slogeris, our bass player is not only a superb musician, but he is also a really excellent person and a solid, nice guy. Also, our sound man, Dave, has been with us for 12 years. He's a great problem - solver and a great guy.

Who are some of your influences ?

Definitely Toy Caldwell from the Marshall Tucker Band, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more.

Who are some of the acts that you have performed with and / or opened for ?

Buddy Guy, Molly Hatchet, Southside Johnny, Edgar Winter, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Debbie Davies, John Mayall, James Montgomery, J. Geils Band, Luther Guitar Johnson, Rick Derringer and the Marshall Tucker Band.
Any particularly memorable shows ?
he Marshall Tucker Band was definitely a memorable show. We opened for them at the Sub Base in Groton, Connecticut. There was a crowd of approximately 10,000 people at that show and lead singer Doug Gray hung out onstage and seemed to really enjoy our show. Another memorable
show was when we opened for John Mayall at the famous Toad's Place nightclub in New Haven, Connecticut.

Do you play with Crosseyed Cat full - time ?

No, actually. My wife Maria and I operate a well - known bakery in Waterbury, Connecticut, named Sweet Maria's Bakery. She is the principal owner and an accomplished cookbook author. I am also a baker and really enjoy working with food. Maria and I have been married for 20 years.

Sources :
Personal experience seeing and hearing the band
Telephone interview with the subject

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First CD.. Back Alley Scraps
Single... I'm the Law ( Whats Behind the Red Door)



We call it Cat music... It is a Blues Rock mix with a style we call our own. Influences...Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, SRV, Lonnie Mac. Lyle lovett, What sets us apart form other bands is that we have fun before the gig...the gig itself and after the gig. People can feel that vibe. No Heads. We are just a bunch of good old guys. For more info on the band you can go to