The sound of Crossfade will hit you in the bone marrow, leaving you begging for more!!


Crossfade's music has been described as "...unrelenting, unrestrained folk/pop, that will take you on a journey to places not yet discovered...". For this duo, there are no constraints in the music they write and it shows on every one of their songs. Separately, both Simon and Matt are accomplished solo musicians with extensive material to rival even some of the most established performers of today. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with!

Their lyric driven songs always tell a story that even the most reluctant audiences cannot overlook, ranging from whimsical, humorous songs such as "Daylight Spendings" and "Other Faces" to the more thoughtful, contemplative songs including "Superscenic Trips" and "Sleepy Head".

When it comes down to it, these guys know how to create, play and perform great music to captivate their varying audiences night after night.


Daylight Spendings

Written By: Simon Skrodal

our clothes are on the line,
not getting dry
winter's clogging up the sky
long time no see

ants on our kitchenbench
where different kinds of condiments
make up their little town
shifting around

daylight saving stole
an hour from my day
shifted sun around
completely the wrong way

sometimes i wish the birds
would sleep in late
so i could investigate
how my dreams would end

clusters of yellow,
which turn out to be
dead leaves fallen off
the trees
cover my street

roll in it
go for a swim
bring a friend
free fun

daylight saving stole
an hour from my day
phone disconnected because
someone didn't pay

think twice before
the sun rise
when it's here
it's ready to disappear
before you know

our clothes still on the line
they're wet and wild
dripping like a crying child
and my hour has gone


Off the Couch compilation CD - "Apology" is currently getting regular Airplay.

Set List

Common titles in our set (all originals):

Superscenic trips
Vanishing green
Ode to Ugg
Tasmanian Devils
Reality of the unreal
Colours of Nay
Monday hymn
Sleepy Head
Other faces

Our typical set lasts for about one hour +. We normally don't do covers.