Crossing Cain

Crossing Cain


Crossing Cain is a Rock Alternative/Progressive Band that offers a new original sound that is heavy but offers deep melodic undertones.


Crossing Cain was formed when Chris Cooper, Mike Jones & Rob Vaught's band Blindstone, lost their two guitar players. In no time at all guitarist Jimi Key was brought into the group and Crossing Cain was then established. The group was off and running and in just a few short months the bands original catalog began to grow. Playing shows in the Mississippi, Tennessee & Arkansas area, and sharing the stage with other original regional acts such as Vysion & Surrender the Fall, Crossing Cain strives to be more of an original band each day. The bands sound has a unique blend of Grunge, Hard Rock & Classic/Southern Rock with influences coming from bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Three Doors Down, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nickleback, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Black Crows, Dream Theatre and so on.


Crossing Cain is in the process of working on a self produced album, but has three of its original songs playing on radio stations such as z98.5 out of Tupelo, Ms and 99.9 The Fox out of Coulmbus, Ms.

Crossing Cain has just released their First self-titled 5 song EP. For futher info. on this EP contact Crossing Cain here at sonicbids or at
Full Album is expected sometime later this year.

UPDATE!!!!!! The video shoot toeverthing Temporary was a sucess. Check it out.

Set List

Corssing Cain does a mixture of originals and covers. The band usually does a three set show playing about 45 mins. to an hour each set.

Original List:
The Pheonix
Everything Temporary
Concrete Life
Moth to a Flame
Without You

Covers Include:
Tomorrow (SliverChair) Pain (3 Days Grace) Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana)
Leader Of Men (Nickleback) Take a Number (Stone Sour) The Wall (Pink Floyd)
Hard To Handle (Black Crows) Crazy Bitch (Buck Cherry) Alive (Pearl Jam)
Say it Aint So (Weezer) Creep (Radio Head) Drift and Die(Puddle of Mudd)
Big Balls (AC/DC)
She Hates Me (Puddle of Mudd) Simple Man (Lyn