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The best kept secret in music


"This CD is very positive and they have worked hard at getting their message across"

Reviewer: Wesley Rostoll
It has taken a long time for Crossingpoint to finally release a full length album, but it has been well worth the wait. These guys hail from the Durban area and have been dishing out their own unique brand of hardcore since the late nineties. Their music is also a lot of fun to dance a little crazy to if you're not afraid of the occasional arm or leg flying your way.
Despite the band's heavy and angry sound, this CD is very positive and they have worked hard at getting their message across. Crossingpoint are known to hand out lyric sheets to their songs at shows and they also like to encourage people to come and speak to them after gigs about what the band stands for and believes in. The songs tackle topics like sexism, being an individual, and environmental issues. These guys are filling a big gap in the local music scene and are well worth checking out. - Truth Magazine -

"Crossingpoint is a hardworking and dedicated hardcore band"

They stand strong with their Christian beliefs and are the nicest and most humble people. They also know how to rock out on stage with their positive lifestyle shining through their music; they are sure to get people amped on the idea that you can be positive and drug free and still have a good time. - - Jen Roomes (Neshamah bassist - Cornerstone 2000 & 2003)

"The spirit moving within the band is mutual"

I saw Crossingpoint for the first time years ago; they played some small club on one of their tours that was in my area. I happened to be there because I’d heard good things about them. Certain words usually best describe a performance when seeing it for the first time: "Intense", but even that isn't enough to capture the emotions, the passion and the energy of what probably was the first ever hardcore band in South Africa at the time.
I bought their debut EP on the night, "The path less traveled", a release that could never do justice to a screaming front man and a truly all out band which instantly won the hearts of many.
Years on and Crossingpoint follow up their debut EP with a full length self titled album that is truly timeless in every essence of the word.
Time moves on, people change, with change comes the introduction of a new vocalist, but with that came a change in sound, for some like myself, I believe this to be the best part about uncertainty with line-up changes. The new vocalist Ray steps to the plate with immediate conviction and delivers a message with style. Crossingpoint at the moment are at their high point, the band is tighter than ever before, the music is well prepared, and the spirit moving within the band is mutual.
- Ashley (vocalist - Unwritten Friday)

"Never diluting their all important and highly necessary message."

Having photographed Crossingpoint for a number of years now, and still wearing one of their t-shirts - now ragged and thinned that I picked up at the first show of theirs that I saw - I’m as addicted to their energy and passion as ever. Now with a new lead vocalist, they have changed, but the passion is as obvious as ever. Distilling this on film, through the lens of my camera has always been a challenge and an exciting exercise, and it's something that I will never grow tired of doing. These are not the opening lines of an infomercial but Crossingpoint has changed my life in the most positive way. With so much drive and such strong beliefs that it's sometimes intimidating, Crossingpoint has remained a force in a fickle heavy music scene in South Africa, never diluting their all important and highly necessary message. - Matt Saville (reporter, the Witness Newspaper/ music enthusiast)

"Independent South African group truly creates a work of art"

Reviewer: Chris Stapleton
I was able to pick this CD up from a GIG and fell in love with it. I was really blown back by the amazing artwork featured on this unique cover design. Being the first digipack from SA really is the icing on the cake. When I got home a put the CD in my hi-fi and was blown away. Starting off with some gentle sounds and soothing vocals the CD explodes in to one hell of a ride sound. With extremely positive and well written lyrics the music is topped of with unbelievable playing of the instruments. -

"It really pushes the limits in terms of what is possible as underground and independent artists"

I have been waiting for this release for over a year now, so now that I have it in my CD player at last, it almost feels unreal to be listening to it. It's been worth the wait though and I don’t mean this as a cliché. The album is Crossingpoint's debut full length and is a collection of their finest work from the past few years. This is indicated by the track credits acknowledging the input of past band members. Crossingpoint's release is completely DIY, from the excellent recording quality to the phenomenal artwork. It really pushes the limits in terms of what is possible as underground and independent artists and this really gives the album integrity. Crossingpoint are able to back up what they make music about and this conveys a sense of authenticity. Where many hardcore bands have chosen the trendier metalcore route, Crossingpoint are true to their punk roots. The album is still heavy and passionate, but displays a unique sound and unreal originality. The eight tracks clock in at just over 25 minutes and the album has a real cohesion about it. What's more you can pick it up for just R50. - Matt Saville, - Blunt Magazine

"Don`t miss this one or you will regret it for the rest of your life."

Crossingpoint are based in Durban, and produce positive, progressive hardcore music. The band is Wesley on vocals and sampler/keyboards; Brandon on guitar; Ross on bass and Ricky on drums. The describe themselves as a `tight group of friends who play a passionate and often brutal synthesis of metal, hxc and electronics with a positive, relevant message.` “All this time, all of these years, we’ve been killing everything. Someday something has got to move, all this time, all of these years.” Yea, that’s some of the chorus of “the Icebergs, the first track on the new crossingpoint CD, wow, it’s so great and I just love it when I get given a hard band with deep lyrics, I’m so sick of thrashy screaming repetitivenes. I believe that Crossing Point will inject some welcome passion into the South african alternative / metal scene. The impressive lead intro’s with the deep solid baseline’s are reminissent of hard 70’s rock bands such as Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. In my honest opinion, this is a definate must-buy album for and hard rocker. Listening to the CD in my lounge with a cold beer, by the time the “Tunnelvision” track came up I thought to myself that this is vocal mastery that all great bands would die for, the eight and sadly final track entitled “The urgency” is great and will have you forming a mosh pit in your sitting room. A pulsating album, don`t miss this one or you will regret it for the rest of your life. Hi, me again... after the review I tossed the CD on a pile with the my others, and something made me grab it and put it back into the player, must have been the catchy label design... just wanted to add that track 2, `Words of the unspoken` is definitely my favourite, now stop reading this and go to their website and get your copy!!! -

"Pastoral Reference"

To Whom it may concern

I have watched Ray perform live as the lead singer of his band. He is a gutsy fully commited performer. He has the ability to get the audiance involved, and create excitement. The band itself is very polished. Crossingpoint has been going for eight years, and have a CD. The band is organised with t-shirts and lyric sheets and stickers for fans. The muso's themselves are of high quality.
They practice reguraly and hard and are strong Christians attending prayer, church cell and youth and are outstanding examples to other believers.
Having watched the band perform live I believe they would be an asset to your interests.

Wayne Duncan
Pastor Bayside Church
(also Lead musician for church) - Wayne Duncan

"This band is truly unique as i struggled to compared them to any other HXC band"

This is the first Full Length CD from Durban Positive Hardcore Band CrossingPoint. I seriously had my doubts about the quality of the cd and the band when i heard the first track with the initial wailing of "the icebergs ..." on the intro to the song. It just brought back way to many bad memories of other SA bands. Soon after the song properly kicked in and all doubts were forgotten, this band is truly unique as i struggled to compared them to any other HXC band i have heard. They mix gang vocals, melodic interludes and full blown HXC vocals in every song. As I mentioned earlier, altough I cant put my finger on it, there is something they do that screams SA Rock, this isnt a bad thing and further helps seperate them from overseas HXC bands. The tracks themselve are extremely well structured with no annoying repetition or similarity between tracks. Lyrically the CD shines as well with themes ranging from Enviromental Awareness to Gender Issues. The only issues i had with the CD was that I found alot of the songs a bit slow and there is a noticeable lack of mosh sections found in most other HXC releases. All in all this CD is definately a keeper and for only R50, there is no excuses to not buy it. Go to for ordering information or use the link above. -

"They have a very strong message and don't only preach it - but live it"

Reviewer: Alain van heerden
I have been anticipating a CrossingPoint release for a while now, and now I finally have it and I am very happy about it. CrossingPoint have been one of my favourite bands for a while now, and this album rocks in every single way. The digi-pak is the first released in SA, and what a first release. This is Cp's first release (except for some demo's a few years back) and it is a great album. The songs are hardcore, but with a punk feel to them. Often very catchy and fun to listen to - I find myself singing along a lot! The lyrics are also something that I admire about this band - they have a very strong message and don't only preach it - but live it. This is an awesome band and SA should be proud to have them. Get a copy now!! It is only R50. - Gig Zine


Crossingpoint - 'self-titled'


Feeling a bit camera shy


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"For almost a decade Crossingpoint have been at the forefront of the hardcore scene in South Africa. Their positive sounds and awesome stage presence have inspired many kids to do the windmill and all sorts of other funny dance moves which those hardcore kids love to do. These guys are awesome and they're easy to relate to on stage and off. A friend of mine once said that when you sing about something you love, it is much more powerful than singing about something you hate, and being passionate and real about their faith Crossingpoint have spoken the truth, in love, into many people's lives.
- Utami Rostoll (Deputy Editor, Truth Magazine,,"

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These four guys from Durban, South African have been pumping out a spine chilling breed of positive and progressive energetic hardcore since 1998. Today the band is best described as playing a brutal synthesis of metal and chaotic hardcore with a positive, relevant message.

In a world where heavy music is slowly being embraced by a wider audience, many bands have watered down their lyrics to suit the listener. Where it used to be about an uncompromising stance in response to societal problems, these days for some bands it seems to mostly be about the sound, with any sort of message being secondary.
Crossingpoint have stayed true to their roots by playing creative, energy-driven music with a memorandum that demands application. It's hard to go to a Crossingpoint show and leave unchanged. Whether you're screaming your lungs out with the band or following their words on their lyric sheets handed out before each show, theirs is a power and a passion that few bands consistently realize.

Crossingpoint recorded & released their self-titled album independently in October 2004. All stops have been pulled out in terms of its recording, production and presentation. In what is a first for a South African band, it comes as an eye catching 6 panel 'digipak' package! Distribution has been worldwide and is readily available from every conceivable online outlet.

The band are currently playing a slew of local shows while at the same time writing and rehearsing new songs with the goal to put out their 2nd release in July 2006.

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Real change happens in the minds and hearts of individuals who can go on to affect others.
Crossingpoint's urgent and honest message is spiritually founded and deals with issues such as personal responsibility, sexism, loyalty and is aimed at reaching the individual in a thoughtful, positive, and inspiring way.

God bless us all.
Richard, Ray, Ross, and Brandon