Crossing Sarnoff

Crossing Sarnoff


Hailing from Arizona, and riding the new wave of “Desert Rock,” CROSSING SARNOFF emerges. This young bands music embodies their personal reflections on youthful days and unsuspecting turns in life, played out under a sunny Tucson sky


Riding the new wave of "Desert Rock" coming from Arizona Crossing Sarnoff embodies the true sound of the desert with their catchy melodies and truly heartfelt musicianship that they've made all their own.


Crossing Sarnoff A.M. Makeout Sessions EP 2001
Allusion Studios 1-Day Demo 2007
Crossing Sarnoff "Lessons From The Soul EP" 2008

Set List

Song List:
Words They Say
A Minor
Life on this continent
New York
A Course Set Far
3 Blue Dolphins
The Running World
The Lady's Taxi
Lifes Regrets
Begin to Feel
Sweetleaf & Goldenweed
For Nostalgia's Sake
When It was
Burnt Up
Your Way
Smoke In My Head
Black Monday