Our band is all about playing music that makes you smile and think about good times. We hope that our passion for music seeps its way into your heart and you may find some sort of happiness in our music.


It started with an attic. An attic filled with musical memorabilia from Duane's generation, the 70's, from les paul gibson's to Martin Dreadnought acoustic's. Joel learned to play drums in 7th grade and Josh learned to play guitar in 8th. After Josh wrote many songs on his own, one fateful day in the summer of 2008, Joel and Josh wrote the song "Baltimore" on their current record "Love, Life and Everything In Between". They showed their dad, Duane, and he developed a lead part. They decided then and there it was time to no longer keep their music confined to an attic, but to spread it to everyone else so that they may have a chance to hear it.

Our influences spread from the Eagles, Counting Crows, John Mayer, Switchfoot, and any other band that has inspired us in a way to pursue the dream of playing music for the masses.

The fact that our family is a band sets us apart because not many families find the cohesiveness our family demonstrates. We mesh well together and our passion for the music we play is surely echoed through the sound waves we produce.


Currently our first record is just trying to take off. We hope to have many of these opportunities to share our music with everyone.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of many originals with a couple of covers thrown in there just to keep the crowd drawn in with familiarity.