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“CrossWalk has a very unique sound that is a cross between Christian pop and Christian jazz. Our church has a very broad range of age groups and the band’s music appealed to them all. Their ability to sing different types of songs mixed with their personal stories and comments kept the audience engaged and participating. Their personal spirit during the concert encouraged us to focus in on God and worship, not as spectators and band but as fellow travelers together on the Christian journey. “
- Rev. David S. Vatral, New Freedom Trail Church of the Nazarene, New Freedom, PA


“Their vocal blend was the one thing above all others that was most impressive to me – the smooth and clean sound of their voices was a marvelous asset and invoked a very positive response from our congregation, who really sang out that morning.” - David H Bryant, Associate Pastor/Music Director, Fairview Village Church of the Nazarene, Eagleville


Steve Tuzeneu, Operations Manager, WVNE 760AM, Worcester, MA

Rev Dave Sharpes, Pastor, Fairview Village Church of the Nazarene, Norristown, PA

Rev. Robert M. Howard, Pastor, Uxbridge Church of the Nazarene, Uxbridge, MA

Rev Fred Klittich, Pastor, Wakefield Faith Fellowship Church of the Nazarene, Sanbornville, NH

Rev. Fred Fullerton, Pastor, Wollaston Church of the Nazarene, Quincy, MA

Rev Richard Brondyke, Pastor, Fort Square Presbyterian, Quincy, MA

Rev Mark Boucher, Pastor, Leominster Assembly of God, Leominster, MA

Rev Gary Jones, Pastor, Manchester Church of the Nazarene, Manchester, CT

Rev. Geoff DeFranca, Pastor, Nashua Community Chapel Church of the Nazarene, Nashua, NH

Philip LaFountain, President, Portsmouth Campmeeting Association, Portsmouth, RI

Rev Dave Vatral , Pastor, Trail Church of the Nazarene, New Freedom, PA

Timothy Goodwin, Executive Director, Alton Bay Christian Conference Center, Alton Bay, NH

Dr. Michael Cnossen, President, Douglas Camp Meeting Association, Northbridge, MA
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Sight Unseen (Just Released!!!)
Faith Like a Child



Have you suddenly been laid off of a job that you have had for 20 years? Have you had a crippling injury that has shaken your faith? Have you struggled with the temptations of this world? These are just a few personal circumstances that have inspired the most recent original compositions by CrossWalk.
CrossWalk, is a well-known Contemporary Christian band based out of Boston, MA. It is comprised of five very talented men. Their blend of musical styles, soulful gospel influences, modern contemporary sound, as well as re-arrangements of traditional hymns have earned them well deserved recognition. These special qualities have given them access to a variety of venues, as they have the unique ability to appeal to the musical tastes of both young and old. The heart and soul of this dynamic ensemble is the all-male, vocal harmonies and professional instrumentation that give CrossWalk their very unique sound.

CrossWalk first assembled in 1992 as a worship team at the Wollaston Church of the Nazarene in Quincy, MA. The core members quickly realized that they were called to music ministry beyond the four walls of their local church. Each member had a passion for music and felt that it was the perfect way to minister the good news of the Gospel.

Early CrossWalk music took on a decidedly gospel feel, showcasing a more traditional songwriting style and keyboard driven sound. Their songwriting and music has over time evolved into a more contemporary sound. In the mid 90’s, CrossWalk recorded their first self-titled CD, "CrossWalk".

By the end of the 90’s CrossWalk evolved into the five-piece format of today; with the all-male vocals of Charlie Burt, Jim Hammer and Don Sautter backed by piano, synth, electric and bass guitars, sax and drums. New to the mix was the talent and energy of bassist Russ Bedard. CrossWalk’s second CD offering, Faith Like a Child, featured a variety original and contemporary Christian compositions.

In 2004, CrossWalk released a third album, "Shine". This “Best of CrossWalk” CD includes new live recordings and showcases Jim Hammer’s recording and orchestrating talents. Later that same year, Sands Marshall joined the group. Sands’ mastery of the drums and percussion furthered the evolution of CrossWalk’s sound and style.

The current sound of CrossWalk can best be captured in the just released CD "Sight Unseen". The sound is refreshingly upbeat, original, and stands out against much of what is heard today. God has deeply blessed this group with many talents that their desire is to use this God given talent to help share the good news of the Gospel and help listeners develop a personal and closer realtionship with Jesus Christ!