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Crossway Worship Band

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CWB is the most versatile and polished indie praise band in the world today, recording and performing their own original music. With 4 full-length volumes selling over 4,000+ copies in four years and great diversity that finds its way on mainstream radio too.


CWB has a way of connecting common people with the uncomplicated presence of God. Crossway Worship Music is "Gospel Rock Praise & Worship Jam" made of memorable melodies and fun grooves. The straightforward lyrics without all the "Christianese" help the unchurched masses approach God on a level they identify with while helping churchgoers stop taking themselves so seriously and just love God with a genuine passion. (CCM Magazine Indie Spotlight April 2005)

Crossway Worship Band exhibits a real freedom in worship that is rarely experienced and quite refreshing, in an age where anything new and cool is quickly ravaged and replicated! CWB gets its sound from the roots and marrow of what has made them who they are, after years of life spent with and without God. Life gets real when all of its facets are lined up together from best to worst and embraced. So also, worship becomes most genuine when it can be written and uttered from all of those points, high and low, in the lives we live.

Over a decade from its first writings and performances "Crossway Worship" (more than the band) has become an entity in itself. It is a style and origin of honest lyric, stirring melodies, and enjoyable grooves, from the perspective of less than perfect people in love with God. Despite popular definitions of what is or isn't worship music, Crossway Worship will always embody the Presence of God and His relationship with man. Through human eyes and holy revelation, our limited speech whether to Him, from Him, or about Him, presents an offering. Our lives poured out honestly before God and man is our true act of worship.

The sounds of celebration and joy are served "Memphis style" with plenty of blues, funk, rock and contemporary gospel, and some unexpected layers of rap and pop too. From awe and wonder to grief and despair, from questions to revelation, each song (or modern day psalm) in the four volume collection is a journal entry of the adventure and discovery of life and love, in the companionship of Christ. Crossway Worship Volume Four portrays a season of confident joy and celebration in God's constancy and undying mercy, which actively pursues each of us daily to bring wisdom, comfort, renewal, and strength.


On Bended Knee

Written By: Doug Simmers

On bended knee, with open arms
I give you praise
with heart felt thanks, overwhelming love
I give you praise

Lord You are the lover of my soul
You are the one who saved me and made me whole
I will praise, I will praise,
I will praise your name

With my head bowed low, and my heart open wide
I give you praise
With all my mind, and with all my strength
I give you praise


Pra -ise, Praise your name
Pra -ise, Praise your name
Pra -ise, Praise your name

(chorus twice)
On bended knee, with open arms
I will give You praise


National CD Releases include LP-Crossway Worship Volume 4 (2005); LP-On Bended Knee (2002); LP-Amazed (2002); LP-All Day Long (1999). All songs available to hear or purchase online at iTunes, Amazon, Target, Tower Records, CDBaby, & more.

Set List

120+ originals and 300+ popular and favorites from classic positive rock to deep stirring worship and everything in between.

Popular music includes:
Matt Redmon
Paul Baloche
Tim Hughes
David Crowder
Mercy Me
Casting Crowns

Older tunes stem of years of
Vineyard Worship
Hosanna Integrity
Kevin Prosch
Hillsongs of Australia.

We do a few hymns and classic inspirational tunes too with added flavor.

Our own original music spans 30 years from Crossway Worship V.04 (April 2005) and back to the seventies when dates back to the 70's when Doug, Bill and Mike were "DAYBREAK" with 3 songs charting in the Top 20 on national radio.