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"Power Up Single Review"

If I told you that ‘Power Up’, the epic, guitar-driven new single from Wicklow art rockers Croupier is intrinsically linked to Robbie Williams’ ‘Candy’ in the muddled library of my brain, would you flat-out refuse to listen to it? If the answer is “yes”, I don’t blame you, but please, for the sake of your own ears, forget I ever said anything. A charging, shape-shifting indie anthem boasting at least three choruses, ‘Power Up’ is a delightful ball of contradictions; heavy, hopeful and resolutely pop-minded all at the same time. - Hot Press

"Croupier – Power Up | Video"

Wicklow’s post-rock four piece Croupier are a band on the rise and with good reason. Their high tempo, catchy tracks. Power Up isn't their highest paced number but it infectiously melodic we think it’ll be right up your street. The powerful Oh Oh refrain will be intense live as the crowd dance it up to these infectious beats.

Their self-titled album came out in August last year but they have a new EP set for release in August 2013 so as a taster to that EP, this track shows we've got some high hopes for what is to come from them this summer. Either way, get out and see them live for the full effect. - Golden Plec

"Listen To Croupier’s New Single – ‘Power Up’"

'Power Up’ is already a live favourite in Wicklow five-piece Croupier’s set and it’s set to be released on a vinyl EP in August, entitled Visor. It’s not as heavy as the stuff on their self-titled debut album, released last August, though it does retain some of their intensity particularly in Charlie’s strained vocals at the end. It doesn’t sound too far removed from ‘River’s Edge‘ off Last Days of 1984's debut album; not a bad thing. Charlie told “‘Power Up’ was the last of four songs that we had planned on writing for tour. It was also by far the most difficult. Harry (keys) and I (guitar) sat down one day to have a jam and after coming up short for almost two hours, Harry came across this sound; the ‘Power Up’ signature sound. It sounded like Super Mario growing when he finds a mushroom. For us, this was far better than anything else we had saved on ‘voice memos’ on my phone from previous writing sessions.(Sigh..yep that’s how we do).It wasn’t all fun and games though, it came so close to being dropped on several occasions over the course of a couple of weeks until one day it finally clicked.” I’m glad it did. Watch the video for ‘Power Up’, directed by Gary Sheridan and Eoghan O’Brien, below. - The Point Of Everything

"Croupier - Power Up"

Croupier's debut self-titled album was only released last August and the band’s melodic post-rock received favourable feedback. No time wasting here though, Croupier are back with ‘Power Up’. Fervent fans of the debut will get a shock when listening to ‘Power Up’ at first.

The song’s bright synthesizer backing recalls Last Days Of 1984's ‘Rivers Edge’ (which itself was indebted to Merriweather Post-Pavilion Animal Collective) but it unfurls into a bit of a singalong indie-anthem and heads towards a crunchy crescendo and a call to arms for this summer weather, “Outside! Outside! We’re outside!”.

The song is out in August on the Visor EP which will get a coloured vinyl 12? release. Great production on the track by James Eager in the Hive and it was mastered by Draftlab Mastering aka Chris Le Dantec. - Nialler 9


There is a distinct Irish music thing going on, for me it started a while ago with the mesmerically wonderful Halves which took me to Enemies, We Arrive Alive, Overhead the Albatross and the other bands on the roster of the fine Dublin based Eleven Eleven Label.

Indeed it is Eleven Eleven, and Square D Management, that has brought these latest chaps to my attention, a bunch of roister boisterers from Wicklow named Croupier whose self titled album is released onto an unsuspecting world this August 24th. The band is made up of Charlie Mooney (Guitar/Vocals), Harry Burton (Keyboard/Piano/Vocals), Niall O’Kelly (Drums), Oisín Murphy (Vocals/Guitar) and Rob Reid (Bass).

This whole clutch of talent have taken the sometime overworked post-rock thing and done something else with it, indied it up a little, made sure the melody thing is never far from your ears, and produced exciting music that drags me from my otherwise tendency to go a bit soft and drippy.

These Croupier chaps have knocked out a rather splendid debut; some great shouty vocals that still hit the notes (and remind me of my much missed Forward Russia) but underpinned by some rippling bass lines, crisp driving drums and great sounding grumbling and post rock guitar. Indeed it is the predominance of the fine guitar sound that characterises the whole set but with keys and other bits and bobs lifting the sound clear of the predictable.

Produced with some excellent clarity and air, a sound that could easily have been all mud and slosh, it comes over spaced and light yet still keeps the insistence of each and every track. It is nothing if not an energetic and vibrant set of songs, with stand out tracks for being such as the excellent Panana and also the closer, Spector.

The whole lot can be streamed though Soundcloud of course or played and, more importantly bought, through their Bandcamp site either as a download or a limited edition (500) artefact version.

Much like their stable mates who seem not to get this side of the Irish Sea too often, you sense that live Croupier would deliver a fine evening-lets hope we soon get a chance to experience that. - Mal Mal Blog

"Croupier’s debut album is compositional genius"

Roaring, inventive and wild, Croupier’s self-titled debut album is punchy without being unbearably weighty – but the Wicklow band’s passionate energy does not necessarily translate directly into a recording.

Croupier is like And So I Watch You From Afar encountering Glen Hansard’s screaming vocal via Foals. There is something delicate, yet beautifully heavy about the album.

An instrumental master-class, Croupier is compositional genius – most evident on ‘Red Lemon’.

Innovative guitar riffs are married together to express a well-formulated creation.

Croupier are dynamic in their instrumentation – their compositions rise to a rapturous crescendo; particularly on ‘Panama’, a recommended download.

It is clear that Croupier are a highly energetic and engaging act, but as the album progresses, their whole shtick begins to wear a little thin. We can hear the sparks flying, but we want to see them as well.

Throughout the recording, Croupier do what a lot of guitar bands are doing right now – they experiment with their vocals, and use the voice as an additional instrument. This enhances some arrangements, but extracts from others.

Regardless, Croupier is a rousing debut. A theatrical recording, it must be experienced live. - Conor McMahon Press

"Stream: Croupier’s debut album"

he debut album from Wicklow band Croupier is now streaming over on Nialler9, and on first listen, it’s an excellent rock album that’s up there with some of Ireland’s finest guitar-driven records – I’m thinking Adebisi Shank, And So I Watch You From Afar, Jogging etc. - Swear I'm Not Paul

"Sounds of an Irish Summer"

My third and final tip of the hat goes to Croupier, a Wicklow based 5 piece rock band who are truly great at what they do. Last years EP ‘We, The System’ was a powerful showcase of the bands talent heavy potential. Singer Oisín Murphy shifts confidently and effortlessly from soft singing to emotional outbursts of shouting with an instrumental underbelly possessing a great sense of space, place and dynamics. Croupier have recently confirmed that their debut album is ready for release this August 24th.

First single ‘Creo Beast’ was released August 16th and its guaranteed to bring out some smile time. Crunching bass and guitars, sparkling synthesizers, chanting, screaming and singing all rolled into one of this summers busiest and brightest tracks. ‘Creo Beast’ is a powerfully catchy tune with an undeniably positive feel to it and it has left me very excited for the August release of their debut LP. This is one of my favourite Irish tracks of the year so far. You can reward your ears and listen to it now right here. - Megazine


Wicklow’s Croupier are a band who’ve been on my radar for a while now. I was first introduced to them about a year ago when they supported Enemies (who have a new single out) in the Quad in Cork. It wasn’t hard to noticed how well formed their indie/post rock sound was. At some point after that I downloaded their debut EP, We, The System (which I can’t find on their bandcamp so they must’ve taken it down), for free. Melodic guitars were bound together by a vocal range that swayed between melodic and guttural. The execution would suddenly change from precise to messy dissonance. You were as likely to bob you’re head along as you were to , it depended 0n what aspect of their sound drew you in.
Since then they’ve signed to Eleven Eleven, been featured in the Irish Times and been announced for Body & Soul at Electric Picnic. A few weeks ago they dropped a new single, Creo Beast, from their album. Now they’ve the entire album available to stream and, as with the single, it marks a clear progression for them. The angular riffs are more melodic and more tightly wound than their previous effort. Croupier’s E.P. has really good production value but here the guitars are a little more distinct from each other, especially when distortion kicks in.

They’ve re-recorded the track It’s not the T.V., it’s the Remote and shortened the title to It’s Not the T.V.. This new version really pushes how good a track this is as it switches from smooth clean guitar lines to heavier distorted ones. It’s hard for me to pick out any particular stand-out as the entire album works really well as a unit and can be boiled down to moments that I like rather than individual tracks. Having said that, I find myself coming back to Creo Beast, Red Lemon and Pax Bisonica.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the whole thing from start to finish rather than any individual tracks. It’s streaming over at Nialler9 now. - Two Men & A Marmot

"Croupier (No 1256)"

Croupier is a new band hailing from Ireland. They are a five-piece band comprising of Charlie Mooney (guitar/vocals), Harry Burton (keyboard/piano/vocals), Niall O'Kelly (drums), Oisín Murphy (vocals/guitar) and Rob Reid (bass).

The band released their debut single taken from their self-titled debut LP is August this year called 'Creo Beast' (listen below). The track has a tasteful energetic sound with some nice guitar riffs. Enjoy.

If you would like to learn more about Croupier and like what you hear from the clip, please check out the band's pages above. - Hearty Vibes

"Saturday Night Warm Up Tracks: Croupier, Turn and Fight Like Apes"

roupier – Creo Beast

First up is Wicklow band Croupier with Creo Beast, the first single taken from their debut album. Their self-titled debut was released yesterday through Eleven Eleven and is available now. -

"Croupier Album Launch Review"

One of the great guitar bands I have recently discovered is Croupier. My cousin sent me their song Creo Beast a few weeks ago and I loved it. I was a very happy girl when I heard they would be releasing their debut album in Whelans only a 20min bike ride away. So since I was still very much in the midst of my summer gig photography buzz I went along to shoot the event.
Their songs are a colourful hybrid mix of sublime guitar riffs, licks and instrumental melodies, that well, you just can’t put into any sort of genre. This is no black and white album here. Listening to it is certainly an interesting journey. It’s even better in a live setting. Hopefully these guys keep up the band business. -

"Ireland Tunes - Round-Up #8"

I got to see Dublin group Croupier on Friday evening when they played in Auntie Annies in support of local lads Before Machines. I was incredibly impressed by their high energy live presence, in spite of the technical difficulties they seemed to face. "Creo Beast", taken from their self-titled debut album, was perhaps the highlight of the evening, with its manic energy and gloopy synths marking the band out as a shoutier, thinking man's version of Everything Everything. -

"Stream: Croupier – ‘Creo Beast’"

Influenced by everyone from “Talk Talk to The Redneck Manifesto to Liars”, we have a stream of Co. Wicklow five-piece Croupier’s new single, ‘Creo Beast’. Recorded in the Hive Studios by Eoin Whitfield and James Eager, it is taken from Croupier’s forthcoming self-titled debut album, which is set for release on August 24 via The Eleven Eleven label. We can’t wait. - AU Magazine

"Video: Croupier - The Crooper"

Croupier have released a video for their latest single and live favourite The Crooper, which sees the band enjoying a trip to the funfair by the seaside. Croupier are an incredible live band creating a post-punk disco melee of carefully converging sounds sieved through the anger, love, hate, pain and regret-stained vocals of Ireland's most unique frontman Oisin Murphy-Hall. - Alternative Irish Music Review

"Series Three – Christmas Special – Preview"

Also in studio is music journalist and blogger Una Mullally, we’ll have a profile of Wicklow math-rockers Croupier and a song from their live performance in the Button Factory in November. - Community Of Independents


Croupier are in my mind, one of the most understated bands of 2012 and we can expect big things from them in 2013 as they head out on their first European tour with Enemies, but if you want to catch them in the next few weeks, dates of shows are listed below. - 7 Billion People

"Video: Croupier – ‘The Crooper’"

Purveyors of one of my favourite albums of 2012, Croupier may be gearing up to take off on a European adventure in support of Enemies – but they’ve left us a brand new video for the absolute beast of a tune that is ‘The Crooper’ to remember them by… - Universe/Tipping - Elaine Buckley


The self-styled "glambience" act Croupier released their debut album in mid-2012 and they're keeping the momentum going this year with a new video and a raft of dates. - Hot Press


Hot Press sits down with the excellent act...
Electric Picnic 2012 has been strongly represented by Irish talent thus far. One act in particular, Wicklow outfit Croupier, delivered one of the most impressive sets of the weekend on Saturday. - Hot Press

"Goldenplec Top 10 Irish Albums 2012"

The musical arrangements are all over the place and yet fit together wonderfully. The way the vocals adapt and synchronise to the progression of the songs is refreshing and clearly thought out, but feels effortless. Croupier are clearly an insightful group of musicians, and if they continue to follow this path there is no reason why they shouldn’t fulfil their huge potential. - Golden Plec

"New found sounds"

Many of us mourn the finishing up of the Richter Collective, but bands such as Croupier are here to remind us that lots of Irish musicians were influenced by its work. Croupier’s new track Creo Beast has that familiar angular sound and gives a taste of their self-titled debut album, released on the Eleven Eleven label on August 24th. - The Irish Times

"Now Serving – Croupier ‘Croupier’"

Croupier are doing something exciting with this album, a guitar heavy sound mixed with a highly driven melody. A fantastic addition to Ireland’s bustling music scene, and a band that we’ll surely see grow right from the release of this album. - 7 Billion People

"Review: Croupier - "Croupier"

A buzz has been building over the last month, when Croupier released Creo Beast, the first single from their self-titled debut album. Having previously received only a taste of what to expect, I couldn't have foreseen how multi-layered an album this would be.
“The musical arrangements are all over the place and yet fit together wonderfully. The way the vocals adapt and synchronise to the progression of the songs is refreshing and clearly thought out, but feels effortless.”
Croupier are clearly an insightful group of musicians, and if they continue to follow this path there is no reason why they shouldn't fulfill their huge potential. - Golden Plec

"Faces of 2013: Croupier"

October 2012. Meeting House Square, Dublin. The stage is set for Le Galaxie’s triumphant HWCH headlining set but, before all that, another Irish band are giving us a taste of what’s to come. Croupier stepped up a gear that night, building on the promise of their debut album and proving that plenty were prepared to come along for the ride. Incorporating broad influences, from Talk Talk to The Redneck Manifesto to Liars to Thelonious Monk, Croupier the album proved that there was more to the Wicklow five piece than the Irish post-rock comparisons that greeted their arrival last summer. 2013 can only see their star continue to rise. - State Magazine

"Creo Beast"

Alt. rock fivesome Croupier have graced these pages before, around the time their E.P. We, The System debuted a bold, melodic guitar-led sound with a Redneck Manifesto-like twist. ‘Creo Beast’, the first taster from their forthcoming L.P., takes the Wicklow-based experimentalists in an altogether jitterier direction and crucially, a more confident one. In knitting together the best bits of their earlier material, the dueling guitars and the aggressive whooping, they’ve come up with something terribly noisy and really, very fun. - Hot Press

"Top Ten Irish Albums of 2012"

“Criminally Underrated” is a term we have become used to using in connection with Irish acts. However, with the success of Adebisi Shank, Enemies and And So I Watch You From Afar worldwide, it’s a touch surprising that Wicklow act Croupier haven’t gotten a little more praise following the release of their debut album. They are led by foolish wordsmith Oisin Murphy-Hall, where dense lyrics and overwrought yowl underpin the band’s dancefloor-friendly math rock. And Now Croupier have followed up their brilliant We The System EP with one of the year’s under-recognised beauties. - Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed - Originally published in the Irish Sun on Friday, December 21st.

"Croupier - "Croupier" Album Review"

“One of a slew of great guitar bands to come through the scenes recently is Croupier who released their debut, self-titled album a few weeks ago on 24th August which is not only bloody fantastic but it’s also one of the most exciting things I’ve heard from any Irish band in years.” - Louder Than War

"Listen to the debut album from Wicklow’s Croupier"

“This self-titled album is bursting with that effervescence but it’s not all a youthful squall, there are passages of sublime beauty to rival Wild Beasts on ‘Panama’ for example. Croupier are a vibrant and promising addition to Ireland’s guitar music story” -


We The System EP - Croupier (2010)

Creo Beast - Croupier (free single download - 2012) Received airplay on Phantom FM, 2FM, FM104, 98FM, Eastcoast Radio, Flirtfm, Kildare FM, 2XM

Croupier - Croupier Album (2012) -
Album tracks Red Lemon/Creo Beast/ The Crooper Received airplay support on phantom FM, 2FM, 2XM, FM104 and 98FM

Carol Of The Bells - Croupier (2012) - (Free single download)
Airplay received on XFM (UK), Phantom FM, 2XM, 98FM, Flirt FM, FM104.

Power Up (Radio single) - Visor 2013
Airplay received on Phantom FM (multiple plays), Spin 1038, (Multiple plays), BBC Radio Ulster, 2FM, Kildare FM, 98fm, Northern Sound Radio, Shanonside FM,

All of the above can be found



Croupier are a five piece rock band from Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Last August this fiery five piece released their self titled debut on Irish Indie label Eleven Eleven and played a stream of gigs throughout Ireland and most notably at The Electric Picnic and Hard Working Class Heroes festivals. With all this under their belt, it earned them coveted support slots with The Cast Of Cheers, Enemies and Windings.

After receiving fantastic coverage in the end of year music polls on various sites and publications, these chaps headlined the Friday night slot of the Whelan’s Ones To Watch Festival to an outstanding reaction & featured as part of State Magazine's Faces of 2013.

After embarking on a 20 date tour of Europe alongside fellow Wicklow band, Enemies, Croupier headed back into studio to start working on their first EP, titled Visor.

.It consists of five brand new tracks written by the band at the beginning of the year and includes the bombastic single, Power Up, which has since become a firm fan favourite.

With festivals and the release of Visor planned for the summer of 2013, Croupier are just getting warmed up. Their live shows have received rave reviews most notably for their amplified, energetic performances. Believe us when we tell you, these cheeky chaps are definitely your Ones To Watch this year.