Crowded Skies

Crowded Skies


Alternative Country. Harmonies, twang, Bigsby. Gentle acoustic ballads and all out rockers. Crowded Skies does it all.


On one side you have down-to-earth traditional Country and on the other, flamboyant 70’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. But somewhere in between Crowded Skies set out on their journey of writing songs, playing live and recording albums.

Alternative-country, Country-rock or just Rock ‘n’ Roll, whatever people are calling it these days, it’s all the same to Crowded Skies: timeless music. And Crowded Skies is here to contribute with their first full length release “Fire off the Hill”.

Having always been huge fans of Neil Young, The Jayhawks and The Band, it was only fitting that the members of Crowded Skies found each other and began to do more than just be “huge fans”.

Fire off the Hill is a dark album. It is a collection of songs that are written from a very personal point of view from the two main songwriters John Trude and Jeremy Brisebois. There isn’t a song on the album that doesn't invite the listener into a world of vulnerability, raw emotion and sometimes morbid states of mind. Whether it's the depiction of tragic events in their lives or the account of lost love that is no more than faded memory; there is something on the album that everyone can relate to and perhaps even take comfort in.

And all that aside...this album is a rocker. A country-rocker. It's heart-churning harmonies, country bends, and Crazy Horse-like guitar jam sessions, lend themselves so perfectly to the vision Crowded Skies had for their first recording. This band, this album, will have you dancing and singing "Fire! Fire! Fire!".


Fire Off The Hill - Album
4 song Demo - EP

We have streaming tracks on our myspace and home pages. We get constant radio play on CKCU FM (93.1) college radio. You can stream the station at

Set List

Our sets have typically lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to just over an hour (when we're headlining). We have only started adding select covers into our setlist. We maintain that the vast majority of our set be originals. Example setlist (from our CD release party):

1. What's The Matter?
2. Stuck Down Here
3. Firewagon
4. Country-Fried Paranoia
5. In Your Eyes
6. Tipper Gore (Written by Furnaceface)
7. I'm Getting Tired
8. Ohio (Written by Neil Young)
9. Is Anybody Out There?
10. Comeback Kid


1. Working Off Of Instinct
2. Degenerates
3. Bandits In The Room
4. Fire Off The Hill