Crowded Sky

Crowded Sky


Were a Metal/Hardcore band from Pickering, Ontario, Canada. We Play Very melodic metal with hardcore breakdowns. And we enjoy tearing the house down on stage!


This band started when two members of "Hero of The Fallen" (Nick and Adam) and two members of "Espial" (Johnny and Rob) jammed together, they came together and formed "Crowded Sky" (formerly known as Pounding Away). After only 5 months and 4 live performances together, they are in the studio as we speak ready to release a new EP. For 6 months, they were unsure of who would be their full time singer, until they found Nate McIlwain, who had been searching for a band for quite some time! This self titled EP is not only going to be a great reach from what they have released in the past, but it will offer much more. Stick around for material off of Crowded Sky!



Written By: Johnny Gionette

Nothing is ever enough
And the times ahead are rough
let it stand,let it be true
*I will always make it* through

Hatred,lined with lies
I cant, stop the cries
of a million, who wish this war was done

Families, have been torn
men have, been reborn
to a world where, death is your closest friend.

Let them walk all over you
Their pain is overdue
Do not worry, do not dispair
Because your already fucking there

is no, right and wrong
people, dont belong
in the trenches, where they fight like vermin

Blood stains,on the ground
load up, one more round
before they die, let them drown in sorrow

Why is, there so much
disgust,death to touch
How can this be, for the good of us all?

There is, no way back
until, We attack
on this frontline, where the scared are all dead

is only for the weak
decadence is not what you seek
You've done their duty and now you have to say goodbye
*you hear the angels sing*
For them the devil came

Lets try this again

Deep pain, in my chest
Almost, laid to rest
Broken promise, That daddy will come home

Please tell, my wife that
I wont, make it back
But she was the, last thought I ever had

let them walk all over you
Their pain was not yet through
Do not worry, do not dispair
the taste of death is now fucking there

is only for the weak
decadence is not what you seeked
You've done their duty and now you have to say goodbye
*you hear the angels sing*
For you the devils came

Ending Script:

Man: good afternoon mrs. underwood, i'm sorry to visit you under these circumstances. but, unfourtunatley,
i was given the task to inform Mr. Underwoods family that your husband has died behind enemy lines fighting
for what he believed in

Woman: what do you mean what he believed in, he believed in coming home to see his family again, you said
you would take of him you bastards!

Man: I'm sorry for your loss, we will send his medals in the mail

Woman: what good are those now you fucks!

Daughter: Whats wrong mommy?

Woman: remember how daddy he's coming back?

Daughter: yeah

Woman: Well, thats one promise daddy can't keep

Daughter: What do you mean daddys not coming home?


Written By: Johnny Gionette

What will come
Of this place
when another test will show the strength of his uncertainty
Will he live
prisons can only hold what they think they can stand

Time only creates scars
Memories behind bars
Wake up and see
his death was not the death of me

Wish and pray steel can keep you free
For the pain I cause you cant flee
Feel my lonely state of woe
Then you'll know

Remember when you got the call
If I could I would give it all
To see the smile that was too pure for words
but now its gone*nate*
My controll is strong*johnny*
But not for long*nate*

*but not for long*
Will it hurt
soul frozen, to the state where there is no way back
Need for blood
tourture will, be the one thing that will make me sane

since the misery and demise of the damaged soul, who i once
called myself, not looking back, but looking forward
in the mirror i I cannot help but think

you gave me the motivation
your death will be my salvation
feel my lonely state of woe
then you'll know

Remember when you got the call
If I could I would give it all
To see the smile that was too pure for words
but now he's dead*nate*
I will not dread*johnny*
untill I have your head*nate*

*untill I have your head*
you will shed
the amount, of blood that my son had by your hands
got you now
annihilation will soon plauge your fucking life

Only one thing can be done, BREAKDOWN

Obsession, to strong
I do not, belong
I've become, who i've
ended with my own knife

Your Time Is Here

Written By: Johnny Gionette


Let them bleed
till they see
That your, Life will never be the same again

Push the knife
End the life
moments, can be taken down just as fast as they came

Hack At Flesh
Smell So Fresh
Digest, the sick thoughts that have overcome you

Creeping pain
It will rain
Hold on, just a little longer while i finish you off

Burn with dispair,
laugh at thier prayer,
Fuck Their Desire,
Suffer in Fire!

Your Time is...

Your time is Here!


Sing with me,
They will not go

Set them free,
Picked at by crows

Spite the strain,
My domain,
Will be, the last phase of your pathetic life

You will see,
I'm the key,
To the, gates of which there is no turning back

There is no neutral ground in the place we call home
Every square inch, every split second is claimed
by good, and counter claimed by evil

keep on practising what you preach, you'll know,
you belong six feet below


Crowded Sky E.P.

Comes out January 1st!

Set List

The Atria, Oshawa, On, Can.
November 6th, 2009:

1. Decadence
2. Your Time Is Here
3. Up In Smoke (The Holly Springs Disaster)

The Atria, Oshawa, On, Can.
August 20th, 2009:

1. Decadence
2. Your Time Is Here
3. Misfortunes Kiss
4. Creeping Death (Metallica)

Johnny B's, Whitby, On, Can.
June 20th, 2009:

1. Decadence
2. Two Weeks (All That Remains)
3. Misfortunes Kiss
4. I'm With You
5. Your Time Is Here

D.H.S. Carnival, Pickering, On, Can.
May 19th, 2009:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean (Intro)
2. Misfortunes Kiss
3. Illusion Revolution
4. Two Weeks (All That Remains)
5. If I Die Tomorrow (Motley Crue)
5. Bloodmeat (Protest The Hero)
6. I'm With You

D.H.S. Encore 2, Pickering, On, Can.
April 7th, 2009:

1. Illusion Revolution
2. If I Die Tomorrow (Motley Crue)
3. I'm With You