Crowded Streets

Crowded Streets


“A combination of alternative pop-rock but with hip-hop and jazz – you got the band writing the pop tunes, but the musicians add the hip-hop and jazz influences in their playing,” said Eli Marcus when asked to describe the inimitable sound of Crowded Streets.


Serving up a hot load of funkification across this great nation, Crowded Streets always infuse audiences with their sublime vibes. Singer and guitarist Dan Horst founded the band in 2005, bringing together John Joseph Golco on sax, Eli Marcus on bass, Mad Jones on guitar, and Ben Atkind on drums. Crowded Streets have been playing shows in the Greater Boston area ever since, constantly expanding their fan base and reputation with their high-octane performances.


Set List

Barrier of Love
Too Good to Be T
Across the World
Various Covers (45min- hour set)