Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Meet Tyler Mechem and Crowfield from Charleston, SC. Infectious indie with charisma and soul with elements of rock, pop, alt-country and blues. Frontman Tyler Mechem is dazzling audiences with his stage presence and insightful lyrics. Formerly signed to Universal, Crowfield is poised to be the next big South Carolina band.


Crowfield's journey to the national stage has been accompanied by breakups and breakdowns, tempered by successes and letdowns, and defined by the act of giving a little more when there was nothing left to give. Since the band's creation in 2008, their music has evolved from a vintage American sound that reflected their Heartland roots to a more modern and slightly edgy style of Rock and Roll.

Throughout this evolution, however, the sincere and often heart wrenching lyrics of lead singer Tyler Mechem have continued to resonate with listeners.

Indiana natives Tyler Mechem and Joe Giant formed the band that would come to be known as Crowfield when they relocated to Charleston, SC in 2005. In 2008, they caught the ear of acclaimed producer Rick Beato. Crowfield's premier album "Goodbye, Goodnight, So Long Midwestern"
(Ten Star Records) soon followed. The addition of drummer Parker Gins and guitarist, Micah Nichols, and a frenetic touring schedule led to bigger crowds and more illustrious venues.

Developing markets beyond the Southeast began to require a full-time booking agent, so in Summer 2010 the band enlisted the help of William Morris Endeavor Agency.
In 2010, Crowfield signed with Universal Records, but the deal was short lived as the record company's size conflicted with the intimate grassroots approach which led Crowfield to their initial success.

Crowfield's sound has evolved as the lineup of the band has changed over the years. The departure of long-time bassist Jonathan Gray and the addition of Ethan Ricks in late 2010 represented the band's final departure from their initial sound and style, and marked the first time in the band's history that everyone was considered a permanent

The band decided that their second album should be self-titled, as it was a collection of songs that were written and developed as the band matured into its present form. The second album was again recorded with producer Rick Beato, but production on the songs was minimized in order to capture the emotion and energy present in the live show.

The self-titled album was released in Charleston, SC at the Music Farm. The day was wrought with mixed emotions among the band members because it marked the final show for co-founder and keyboardist Joe Giant, as he left the band to continue his educational pursuits at the University of Minnesota.

Despite the loss, the future is bright for Crowfield. A recent Kickstarter campaign raised nearly $20,000 and the band is set to release their third album this summer. They anticipate a busy concert schedule to promote the album throughout the Southeast, across the country, and abroad.

Joel Frank of WCOO The Bridge 105.5 remarked about Crowfield's following in their hometown of Charleston - "I haven't seen this town come out for a band like this since Hootie & The Blowfish did it 15 years ago."

Steve Varholy of WXRY 99.3 in Columbia, SC introduced the band as "The band that is going to put South Carolina back on the map."


Goodbye, Goodnight, So Long Midwestern - 2008
Crowfield - 2011