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Boom-bap, soulful hip-hop from a Canadian perspective with a Caribbean soul. Each song is as distinct, textured and individual as the members of the crew. This is music for the head, heart and hustle.


From the deep to the soul reality of a generation spawned by the era of the original b-boy comes Crown A Thornz; thought purveyors who create a brand of fly, grown-up hip-hop. They are tempered by roots & culture, forged by inner city life, and shaped by soul, injecting reality on all lyrical levels.

Crown A' Thornz is a creative collective featuring members, J Wyze, Eklipz, & Kolor Brown. Together they create music that inspires reflection and conversation while making heads nod. Their sound is unique to the experience of 'the first of the last generation'. The first generation of Caribbean parents who found their way to North America with dreams of a better life, and the last generation of the foundation Hip hop era.

Crown A' Thornz is consciousness music that addresses grown up issues about life, love, and trying to do better. It's hustle music that speaks to the difficulties of the urban black male. It's soul music to a generation that struggles for a better future. It's hip hop music that is needed as an alternative to the material driven, commercial mainstream.

The union of these storytellers is a result of lifelong relationships with music and the foresight of a man who recognized an untapped potential in three, talented, individual artists. DTS, the backbone of the longest running hip hop show in Canada, CIUT’s ‘The Master Plan’ (89.5 fm), and co-founder of 2004 Justos Mix Tape Award winner, the Soul Controllers sound crew, was the connecting point for Kolor Brown, Eklipz and J Wyze. The union of these artists, and DTS’ vision of a trio of emcees and musicians with the ability to blaze both live shows and the recording booth evolved into Crown A Thornz.

2006 saw the spring and summer releases of the well-received mixed CD series, Iron Lion vol. 1 and 2, featuring the singles ‘Natty Ride Out’ and ‘Think It Over’ (both of which garnered commercial and college radio spins across Ontario). ‘Natty Ride Out’ would also go on to be featured in ‘Unspoken Promise’, a short film by Lumanity Productions Inc. and Sad But True Productions. 2007 was just as productive with the release of ‘Hell In A Hand Basket’ (featured in Flow 93.5 fm’s popular ‘Northern Touch’ segment) and the addition of ‘Not Just Another’ to Everybody Dance Now: Songs From Hamilton Vol. 1 and regular rotation on Flow 93.5 and other urban commercial/college stations. In the meantime, Crown A Thornz has opened lived for EPMD, KRS-One, Jeru the Damaja, Kardinal Offishal Supernatural and Akrobatik. In August of 2009 they performed at The Urban Music Festival to rave reviews , unveiling their new single 'Standin' Tall' for those in attendance to hear.

They are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut independent album 'Core A Nation' featuring production by Kolor Brown and Spott Music Producers Tra Boogie & Stevie Talent. Core A Nation is scheduled for release on Feb. 9th, 2010.

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Iron Lion Mixtape (promotional CD released Summer 'o6)

Iron Lion Mixtape Version 2.0 (extended promotional CD released Fall 'o6)

Natty Ride Out (Single released Fall 'o6 - over a hundred commercial radio spins, extensive college radio play, featured in short film)

Think It Over (Follow-up single released Winter 'o6 -commerical and college radio spins)

Hell In A Handbasket (Single released Summer 'o7 - commercial and college radio spins, featured on several DJ-produced mixtapes)

Not Just Another (Single released Fall 'o7, received commercial and college radio spins across Canada, featured on C + C Music Festival compilation called 'Everybody Dance Now: Songs From Hamilton Vol. 1')

Got To Get It (single included on Everybody Dance Now: Songs From Hamilton Vol. 2 - Fall '08)

Children of the Thorn Mixed CD (Oct. 15, 2009)

Core A Nation album (February 9, 2010)

Set List

This approx. 18 min. set can be expanded to a half an hour or whittled down to a single song...variations in tempo and style can be tailored to match several venue sizes and crowd-types.

Typical set:

Take That (C.A.T. original - up tempo - hip-hop)

Hell In A Handbasket (C.A.T. original - mid tempo - hip-hop/soul)

Cerebral Prison (C.A.T. original - up tempo - hip-hop/dancehall, reggae)

Not Just Another (C.A.T. original - slow tempo - hip-hop/soul)

Exclusive Encore (C.A.T. original - up tempo - hip-hop...this song is specficially targeted to the female audience)

Other songs we perform:

Really Real (C.A.T. original - slow tempo - hip-hop/soul)

War (C.A.T. original - up tempo - hip-hop)

Natty Ride Out (C.A.T. original - up tempo - hip-hop/reggae...this song has its own dance)

Harder (C.A.T. original - mid tempo - hip-hop/soul)

War In A Babylon (C.A.T. original - up tempo - hip-hop....extended version features L.I.F.E. Long)

Rastar Over Guitars (C.