music with structure that comes from the heart, very energetic stage perforomance, sounds like a mix of blues and folk with some good old americana.


Started in 2007, Crowns strives to give there all at every performance. Crowns has played several shows throughout the south east and has even hosted a show in there hometown of sumter SC (where there is no musical venue to play at). This show was booked just 1 week before the actual date of the show and Crowns was able to sign on 3 more bands for that night from around the area, including The decade, Erison, and All get Out From Charleston SC. even on such short notice we were able to rent out a very large pa and light system, and make every gurantee that the bands had. at the end of the night the sign in roster for the club topped over 100+ guests for the show. we look foward to play anywhere, we dont mind traveling. and we dont ask for much when we play, we just want to get our music out thee to the people. we write music from our hearts and give 110% every show we play. the goosehouse tapes was recorded using one microphone in the living room of a house


I Have Caught A Ghost

Written By: Crowns

take me to the hill top where my savior died
and cast all of my sorrows of the mountainside
the world is getting bigger yeah well so am i it will eat me alive
and when the earth has swalloed up whats left of me
my body will explode into a willow tree where lovers come to carve their crooked names on the leaves as i sleep beneath and you say love is not a choice
when i sing you are my voice
I carved your name into an apple tree
But they chopped it down.
I saw your eyes in a starry sky
but it’s cloudy now
And I used words, oh words
To try to bring you down
From the top of a tree
From across the sea
Scattered, brilliant light
in a bed of leaves
Into a house of cards
Off a dirty street
Where I clung to you like a rosary
You’re an open book that I couldn’t read
Or a language that I can hardly speak
Oh, my old friends now
They are dead to me
Like a lightening bug on a tv screen.


Written By: Crowns

they found her body down by the river
her chest no longer heaving
ribs a cage where canaries learn to crow
vultures roosting on the shore losse their tattered throats
and they call across the water and in some song they're singing
i know its saving me
hear the water roll the rocks
they are moving you
they will carry you


The Goosehouse tapes (5 songs)

Set List

Set list
1 small musical intro
2 Where the roses hand like chandeliers
3 A Glass heart That beats itself to pieces
4 Broken Arm
5 Birds
6 with knives
7 I Have Caught a Ghost
our set ususally last no longer than 30 minutes.