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"review of show we hosted It’s Band Night Boys (All Get Out/Erison/The Decade)"

What better do I have to do on Thursday night than go to Scooters Lounge in Sumter? We searched the venue on Yahoo to get directions and see what the place is about and our top two results were a review and a WIS story about a 22 year old women being beaten up by 8 guys in the parking lot. I instantly knew that this was my kind of dive.

The drive from Columbia was only about 40 minutes and I knew we were getting close once we saw the neon blue runway lights of Shaw AFB. Then we saw it. What used to be a mexican restaurant now the ultimate rock venue of the southeast… Scooters Lounge.

I swear that I have been to this bar in every city in SC. If you are from Rock Hill think The Money. If the bouncer asks you if you are a member when you walk in, expect to have one really cheap beer(Natty Light), expect to see trashy redneck queens and their kid rock loving boyfriends and most of all make sure to stay alert in case you need to stop, drop, and roll in case of gun fire.

I would like to say that I am being extreme, but I am not. This bar had an old school cigarette vending machine with only newports, two walls of diamond mirrors like an old strip club turned chinese restaurant and a pole in the middle of the dance floor.

I didn’t expect much from the sound guy, but other than it being really loud the sound was above average. Francis kicked ass and was all about helping the bands and getting them set up to sound the best that he could.

I missed the first band, so The Decade was the first band up for me. From what I heard they were coming off a rough show at 5 Points Pub on Wednesday night where their bass player’s girlfriend got hit by a car after they played. From what I understand everyone is all right, but Scooter wasn’t able to make it to his lounge to play on Thursday night. So Byron filled in and did a fine job. I also got to see for the first time in my life someone capo a bass. Just like a guitar player.

The Decade opened up with “Billie Holiday” and rocked straight through their set. They had some technical difficulties, none that they could help, but over all it was a good show. I get to hear them full band at New Brookland on the 22nd so I guess then I’ll compare the two shows.
They gave me a tan. I haven’t seen as many tanning lamps as they had on stage since I went to Hulk Hogan’s Miami home.

The singer of Erison didn’t have his full voice so Charlie from Aviary Fire filled in and did a damn good job. Erison really got the crowd going and packed out the front of the stage. These guys play an aggressive style of rock that is in your face full set. As I am printing out Plex Fliers at work I noticed that they are playing at The Plex tomorrow. So if you like to to skateboard or whatever go check them out.

Somehow All Get Out keeps getting better live. I mean of course they should get better and tighter the more they play together, but I feel like I could watch them live every night. Their stage performance is different and exciting every show. They are performers and none of their crazy stage antics come off as rehearsed. The honesty finds its way of shining through.

Box Score

Nathan kept his bleeding to minimum from what I could tell. His guitar had mostly dried blood. I don’t think much of it was fresh.

Gordon scored his points jumping off of a back speaker and almost taking Mel out and the cymbal toss at the end of the show.

Mike scored his points by scaring the crap out of me because I was standing in front of him in fear of being clipped with the head of his bass.

Mel scored by playing guitar with his feet which I have never seen done and completely rocking out the entire show.

- SCene


The Goosehouse tapes (5 songs)



Started in 2007, Crowns strives to give there all at every performance. Crowns has played several shows throughout the south east and has even hosted a show in there hometown of sumter SC (where there is no musical venue to play at). This show was booked just 1 week before the actual date of the show and Crowns was able to sign on 3 more bands for that night from around the area, including The decade, Erison, and All get Out From Charleston SC. even on such short notice we were able to rent out a very large pa and light system, and make every gurantee that the bands had. at the end of the night the sign in roster for the club topped over 100+ guests for the show. we look foward to play anywhere, we dont mind traveling. and we dont ask for much when we play, we just want to get our music out thee to the people. we write music from our hearts and give 110% every show we play. the goosehouse tapes was recorded using one microphone in the living room of a house