Crow of the Cloud

Crow of the Cloud

 Hamburg, Hamburg City, DEU

Landed in Germany, got a job, wrote music, jammed with people, started to learn Deutch, found a band, recorded EP, played at Reload festival with Sepultura, Taylor Hawkins, Everlast. This year played Zegelei with Pohllman and Saint Lu - COTC is an international rockmonster that will kick your ass!


In March 2010 Hamburg lads Felix (guitar) Ralf (bass) and Niels (drums) finally found the right voice for their band in Australian Leigh. The musical reaction from this international collaboration was an individual mix of crossover, alternative rock.
Despite the young history of the band, Crow of the Cloud recorded their first EP. Mixed and mastered by Roman Rossbach (formerly One Fine Day) the Hamburg four had tracks on the market and were ready to convince live.
At their first gig the band played as opening act for Sepultura, Selig, Everlast, Stuck Mojo and Itchy Poopzkid on the main stage of Reload Festival 2010 in Bremen. Here, however, still under the name Joe Phone.
Shortly after followed one of their first unplugged shows; a performance at the Hamburg Rock Spectacle 2010, in front of the historic town hall. Supports for One Fine Day, Kings and Killers and Swiss band Blind followed. 2011 has seen the band focus on primarily writing for their upcoming album, and play at Ziegelei open Air Festival with Pohlmann, Saint Lu, Ohrenfeindt, and British band The Brew.
Good reviews in Uncle Sallys and Metal Hammer. Stay tuned...



Written By: Leigh Marks

If your strong I'll break you down
Break your heart watch you drown
And if you try to break the chains
I'll recall and place the blame

ch-Living in a soul thats in uprising
Looking for a love thats just beyond myself
Fighting like an animal
Living day to day theres something grinding
Looking for a love thats just beyond myself
Fighting like an animal

Drink it down and cough it up
For today its enough
Let me take you to the edge
And in your mind I'll fix my wedge

Br- I want to be the kind of man that stays
I hear you
I will share the burden and remain
I hear you

Same Color

Written By: Leigh Marks

When I was a child I'd sneak out into the wild
Where children should not play
I'd hang out all day
Cautionless in a dangerous place
Listen to me son your time hasn't yet begun

Ch-No mistake
Can't balance top a steeple
To be remade so tired and feeble
Nevermore say close the door in an ocean intertwined
Hands in a moments grace
The same color as mine

More than ever I
Want to loose disguise
Don't tell me not to feel
I want something real
Freedom you may find
Or affliction wounding blind
You will choose that path that reveals your soul

Br-The same, same color
The same color as mine
The same color, the same color
The same color inside
In the 25th hour can I touch the purest light
In the 25th hour I'll let go to gain my sight
I want to choose
I want the truth
I want the truth
Is it just me and you?

Ch-No mistake, no mistake
Can't balance top a steeple
To be remade, to be remade so tired and feeble
Never more say close the door
In an ocean intertwined
Hands in a moments grace
The same color as mine


Written By: Leigh Marks

My pulse is racing
I know they're chasing my legs are burning
They'll close the circle now
Under fences I spit the poison
My hearts on the outside
Into the wild, break away, break away

Ch-Behind our eyes
Open skies keep on radiating
Go through and out don't stop now
Where do we run to?

Muted senses, communication lost and wasted
The lines were down
Isolation, indoctrination, now evasion
Steal the masters crown
Into the wild, break away, break away


Crow of the Cloud self titled EP