Crucial aka: Karlton Jones

Crucial aka: Karlton Jones

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Combine a gangsta flow, a smooth lyrical delivery, charisma, and tons of sex appeal, pack it on a 6'6 220 pound frame and you come up with hip-hop's rising star Crucial aka Karlton Jones. This emcee is a blue chip talent that is ready to ascend to the highest heights of the music industry.


Karlton Jones also known as Crucial was born and raised in Winston Salem, NC. Growing up heavily influenced by all genres of music, Crucial started playing the saxophone in the 6th grade. His father convinced him to join the school band because he was the drum major at his high school. Some of the people who inspired Crucial to play the sax were Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Joshua Redman, Boney James, and Kenny G. Shortly after discovering his love for music, he soon fell in love with hip-hop. Influenced by Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, De La Soul, Run DMC, and A Tribe Called Quest, Crucial soon started to write his own Hip-Hop, and R&B music. In 2000, Crucial began to record his own material. In 2002 Crucial started to collaborate with the Chop-Doctors creating a buzz with his first single UH-UH-UH!, Crucial now comes back with the Street Classic "Just Wont Stop" featuring Big Delph.

Just wont stop is a certified street anthem. Crucial illustrates childhood memories of what life was like growing up in the confines of one of the most notorious Projects in Winston Salem, Happy Hill Housing Projects. Crucial along with Big Delph portray varied perspectives of what life was like as a youth growing up in the inner city. Delph's 16-Bar illustration of what life was like growing up in Queens, NYC allows the two artists to bridge the gap between Northern and Southern adolescent life. Over the melodic heavy bass Chop-Doctors track Crucial brings the lyrics that make you invision what he has been through. The video has a special appearance by Petey Pablo and is already creating a buzz in the industry. This song really puts a clear visual on what life is like in the Happy Hill Projects.

Crucial's ability to connect with the sexy ladies as well as the toughest hardcore hip-hop fans sets him apart from any other emcee. Standing an imposing six feet six inches tall and weighing 220 pounds, Crucial is set to make a large and successful mark in the hip-hop industry. Not only can Crucial battle rhyme in the streets but he can smooth it out and give the ladies a nice ballad to ease their tensions. Some artists are just blessed and Crucial surely is blessed with the gift to move any crowd.

Crucial definitely gives the listener some insight of where he is from and the direction he plans on going. With his determination and great talent , Crucial plans to take it all the way to the top of the entertainment industry. So the music world should be aware that things will be getting 'Crucial" very soon in the near future.


In Due Time, LP 2005
Karlton Jones, LP 2002
The Unvailing of Jizzop, LP 2001

Set List

Crucial's show consists of a live performance of about 6-10 songs. Crucial normally peforms along with Big Delph and a typical show is 30-60 minutes. Current songs performed include: Just Won't Stop, My Situation, VIP, Back Out, Do Remember, Code Of The Streets, Hard To Kill,