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Crucial is the "Real Hip-Hop Deal" for students and young adults. He brings God's word straight-on and straight-into their world.


A true testimony of a man caught up in all the ways of the world: Matthew Slyman a.k.a. “Crucial” has spent the past 5 years persevering to lead the life to which God has called him. Once a rebellious young man, doing drugs, lying, cheating people, breaking and entering, stealing merchandise to pawn off the streets, Crucial has taken a turn for the better. By the grace and mercy of God, Crucial has become a new man equipped with wisdom, patience, compassion and honesty as he is motivated by a Christ-centered vision. In the past 3 years alone, Crucial has built his own recording studio, beat production center; established a music publishing company thru BMI in Nashville, TN and as CEO of Rock Solid Records, owns the #1 fastest growing Christian hip-hop record label in Charlotte, NC. Crucial has been blessed to produce music for several artists in the Holy Hip-hop scene, as well as perform from stage to stage and city to city, marketing his own albums in attempts to deliver the “crucial” messages found in God’s Word. This soldier for Christ has only begun his journey to expose the deceitful illusions of the world to God’s people. With three albums already on the grind, Crucial is continuously seeking the Lord everyday in prayer and scripture, so that he may continue to stay in line with what God has commissioned him to do. Two words to describe the life Crucial has found in Jesus Christ and the messages you can find in his music: ROCK SOLID.


Not of this World (LP)
Without Compromise (EP)