Crucial Elements

Crucial Elements


Crucial Elements is an original reggae band from Richmond, Va. The band has been formed since 1999, playing all over the east coast and pushing to go further and further to spread our message of good vibes. We have plenty of material too fill any time slots and appropriate for any crowd.

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There was an EP that had limited release with 6 tracks. Soon after Jamocracy was recorded and released with 11 tracks with three of them that have been played on the local radio stations.

Set List

Jamocracy, the river, bringing the light, lovers rock, soulfire, no mercy, morning star, second chance, red hot sumer, ganja tree, babylon blues, Frankin dub, crucial dub, before the night is through, Jah cover I, Pushon through, Livity Rock, prison state, who will come, will she come, I self, and many more originals. There are few covers. They include sublime, clash, and Isreal vibrations.