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CRUCIAL TACTICS is an artist who's music backs him up. He has a style thats one of a kind.


"I got the mind-state to dominate n' open up the gates..To another revelation that just multiplies the hate. Now, I'm hoping I could take any offers on my plate. My other plans backfired so this all was a mistake. "

The previous quote is from one of my tracks explaining a lost opportunity of signing Major League Baseball contracts with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2002) & the Seattle Mariners (2003). I turned down the contracts with a plan to finish 4 years of college ball before signing. I attended college in Daytona Beach on full scholarship and was expected to be the ace of the starting rotation. If you ask me; The words college and beach don't belong in the same sentence. All focus was lost on my main objective. I was so preoccupied with liquor and Floridian women in g-strings, I forgot all about class and most importantly baseball. To make a long story short... I lost my scholarship the first semester and the Major League Scouting Bureau was so turned off by my actions, I was labeled a 19 year old has been with wasted talent. I was left with a crushed dream due to my own stupidity. Now, I look back with plenty regret. A 9 to 5 isn't me. The same routine daily and that same check every week. I needed something to keep me motivated. Something that the more I worked at, I would reap the benefits not someone else....
Rapping started as a hobby... just sittin' around without hesitation kickin' freestyles as a joke. I knew a lot about hip hop but was an amateur rapper. This made it easier to develop my own style. Being as unique as possible was my first goal. Some time went by and I recorded my first track. I was instantly hooked and self motivation did the rest along with strong support from everyone around me. It took a while to develop myself as a writer, but once I got that right flow it was a "rap"...literally.
Everything kicked into high-gear when I was introduced to my manager, Mike Dee. I found myself in the studio 3 to 4 times a week, either recording or working on new material. A combination of my strong work ethic & a lot of positive feedback lead me to really take rapping seriously. It seemed as if half the people around me were already in the music business . J. Snow & Mike Cash, two unbelievable producers, were more than willing to give me beats to lay tracks on. I'm so fortunate to have them on my team. Snow supplies me with that raw sound with a touch of old school. His beats are nothing like anything you've ever heard before. On the other hand, I got Mike Cash who supplies me with that commercial lets dance music. His ridiculous drumlines and crazy sounds are what gives his beats character and make for great club bangers. The versatility those guys have made my job as a rapper easy. The only problem I got is trying to keep up with all the beats thrown my way.

"Consistency is key. There is no room for slacking. What you put in is what you get out. A half-ass job gets half-ass results. I learned this as an athlete, so now as a rapper I'm already a step ahead. And as for a struggle..It's not about how gangsta you can portray yourself its about how real you can be. I'm gonna take this for a ride and try not to let another opportunity slip away."


"Where did you go?" produced by Mike Cash

Set List

I don't think they're ready
Like i Do
Livin It Up
Where did you go?

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