The band name, CruciFiction, is a parody of Religion and Science. Our song is pretty much based on the human's feelings and thoughts. The music is our weapon against the world's injustice, the faster and better way to show everyone the truth behind our lies.


Influenced by the thing we can see or feel. Is so funny to think that the world is so blind, while four people try to replace what REALLY worth.
In the beginning of 2010, a dream called "The Dark Purity" (a band actually) born from the mind of Kevin and Jason, that are, respectively, the singer and the lead guitarist of CruciFiction. This project is not dead tough, The Dark Purity is another project that has a female singer. In the middle of this same year, we're been founded by Junior and Matheus, respectively, the drummer and the bassist. And soon as we could, we started planning our ascension and, world, is better you be ready.


Already made songs:
Break Up The Silence - Writers: Junior and Kevin

Already Wrote songs:
Government One-God-Army
Hell's Gate

Official "born" date: September, 2010