The Cruciatus Curse

The Cruciatus Curse


Wizard Rock! We play songs inspired by Harry Potter! We love books and encourage kids to read! Read Books or I'll Curse You!


The Cruciatus Curse has been a staple of controversy in the world of Wizard Rock. While their longevity, 4 years, can easily be credited to the genre’s musical creativity, the various personalities contained within the characters we know as Denni Towle & Joe Ritchie have also played a vital role.

CSI: Hogwarts - Confessions of a Wizard Rock Star, the group's ninth (9th) wizard rock album, deftly takes the listener on a ride through Denni & Joe’s many faces. The result is a sonically assorted, yet thematically cohesive offering that shuns present day notions of constructing an album and instead crafts a work that marries the groups many musical influences together with his array of personas.

“The album is called "CSI: Hogwarts - Confessions of a Wizard Rock Star" because “I wanted to make something that is true to where we're at as a musicians and to tell the story and journey of how we came to this point. We know that not everyone in the wizard rock world likes us, some even hate us, and there are several factors for that and each and every one will be discussed on the album and in the book.” says Denni.

The Dark & Gothic sound that Denni initially made his name off is also at full strength. “I know not everybody likes the dark stuff, but it’s a part of me and what I do, so I can’t just ignore that or I would be lying to myself and my fans.” say’s Denni. “It was also important for me to give the audience another side of me,” explains Denni. “It can’t be all dark or gangsta, all the time.”


CSI: Hogwarts - Confessions (2009)
Epilogue (2008)
Wizard Rock 101 (2008)
Straight Outta Hogwarts (2007)
The Life and Times of Tom Marvolo Riddle (2007)
The Four Thestrals of the Apocalypse (2007)
The Riddle of Potions (2007)
The Dark Mark (2004)

Set List

30 - 40 Minutes of Wizard Rock