CRU JONES hints at technicality but maintains a sense of pop with memorable harmonies and choruses. The live show is a very intense atmosphere keeping the whole audience involved and moving to every beat. music aside, cru jones are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet. -- --J. Ryan NJ--


Love it or hate it, there is nothing comfortable, or mundane about CRU JONES' debut full length "The Conversation". Picture Elvis Costello fronting the Bad Brains or Morrissey singing with Fugazi. That may (or may not) clue you in to what The Conversation is all about. Painfully passionate and sonically dense, The Conversation is a unique post-hardcore hybrid that should bridge both new and old fans alike.
Cru Jones soars with bipolar stage antics that are playfully flamboyant, yet undeniably powerful. Having shared the stage with such luminaries as Elliot, Hot Rod Circuit, Further Seems Forever, Anberlin and countless other great bands. Cru Jones has proven themselves to be worthy of both all their present and future success.
Musically, Cru Jones style is dark and delicate, but at the same time impressively technical. The guitars can be as remote as the lyrics and then unexpectedly explode into melodic phrases. There is a meticulously crafted dynamic of ambient and airy spaces combined with choruses that are heavy and driving and at times reminiscent of early Coalesce. The amazing thing though, is how infectious the songs are, and how they can be so without being the least bit poppy or generic. The songwriting will immediately draw you in, but it is the vocals that keep you there. Terry’s voice has a quality and a natural tone that soothes, but at the same time overruns with anxiety as one notices the intense emotion fueling it.
It is not uncommon to see a band develop a good buzz and grow quickly, but it is virtually unheard of for this kind of hype to surround a band that has yet to release even a single. If all this commotion is any indication of things to come, then the future will be promising for this group of five guys who come from Florida, Iowa and New York. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is to make music that is sincere and that connects the band to strangers—and to be able to do so under your own terms. The members of Cru Jones seem to have already mastered the art and learned valuable lessons in the business of music... and they have barely even started.

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love: a roadside view

Written By: terry bloom

This could be the start of a good thing
But it looks like the start of a disaster
Hypnotized by the wheels rolling down these streets
These days it's all I see
We go past the street signs
Crossing state lines
Further from you
Love: a roadside view
If she should decide to play
Such little stupid games
Be careful of that sky
The man on the moon always sees him
One more hundred days away
This phonecall was just to say that
Heavens fall close to home
This distance affects your tone
This feels like the start of an ending
But it could mean for now and ever after
I'm hypnotized by the words running down these sheets
Well my dear, these days your all I read
Snowflakes melt down a window
With this finger silently scream your name
As background rays meet lights reflection
You know it's your reflection

1024 by 823

Written By: terry bloom

He said "I've never seen her move a paintbrush that way
I've never seen a single canvas take shape
Like when she smiles it feels like
He can't help but thinking
He can't help but break down"
And he breaks out alone again
It's off with her head
Paint the roses red and we'll sing
I never dreamt this could be so damn perfect
Tasting the skin
I'm a lush for the perfume
Running so fast and it's straight to your bedroom
She sighs "I've never seen him move a paintbrush that way
I've never seen a single face that takes shape
Like when he smiles
It feels like she can't help but break down
And when their eyes meet they can't help but think
Love's wasted by living in fear of the letdown
And they scream out
I'd die with you now if my grave is your bedroom
All it takes is one taste of your skin
They never dreamt it could be too close for comfort
But it's too hard to watch a bed without him there
For him to live takes the scent of her hair
But days will come unlike the rest
When the little things fall further from the love they built
Now adds up slightly less to them feeling perfect


The Conversation - CD LP
Cru Jones
CD Release Date: 10/5/2004
Original Release Date: 2004
Label: Undecided Records

A Roadside View - CD EP
Cru Jones
CD Release Date: 08/16/2005
Label: Undecided Records

Set List

at least we're not in jail
lights out
love: a roadside view
our last effort to save you
fletch versus foley
1024 by 823
eyes wide fist tight
hit the deck
i won't quit until my castle's gone
december son
retracing the steps of our stolen summer