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Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"A Crunchy Black Sighting"

Last Thursday night, the dance floor at the Gibson Music Showcase became a holding pen for the best and brightest stars of Southern rap: Mac E, Yung D, Miscellaneous, Nitty Gritty, and Jackson, Mississippi's Kamikaze (with David Banner, a founding member of Crooked Lettaz) huddled around, waiting for the DJ to get the sound system popping while industry folks such as artist rep Nam Moses, producer Joe Da CEO, Divalicious TV host Choosey, and PR specialist Alesia Fair hovered nearby. Upstairs, Memphis rap veteran Terry "Freak Master" Turner (of "Gimme What You Got [For A Pork Chop]" fame) watched with a critical eye, scouting talent for his Internet radio show,, while an amused Darnell "Crunchy Black" Carlton held court from a booth near the stage.

It was all part of the Creative Edge Artist Showcase -- a fashion show and rap concert put together by local hip-hop publicist Theodore Palmer -- which drew a capacity crowd at the Gibson.

Crunchy Black, the biggest star of the night, was more than happy to talk about his recent split from Three 6 Mafia and his future in the music biz.

Crunchy Black
"I've got a new mix tape, Crunchtime, out this week, and I'm starting a label called The Real Hardhitters with my little clique," explained the dapperly dressed Crunchy Black, who was sporting a diamond-and-gold encrusted watch that perfectly matched his upper and lower grills. His "clique" includes up-and-comers Pharoh, Boogeyman, and Explosive; producer Swizzo provides most of the beats.

"Paul and Juicy are cool as a fool," Crunchy Black said of his former Three 6 Mafia mates, "but while they wanted to keep me fed, they didn't want to keep my family fed. What happened was a money situation."

Gesturing toward the watch, a gift from DJ Paul and Juicy J after the group's Oscar win for "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," he added, "I still love and appreciate them. They taught me so much. Now I'm just doing my own thing. I just want to keep going forward." Crunchy Black said that he's currently in joint-venture discussions with industry giants Sony, Universal, and Def Jam. - Memphis Flyer

"Crunchy Black is Going After Three 6"

Former Three 6 Mafia member Crunchy Black isn't too happy that the group will be releasing his solo debut, On My Own From Me to You, on their own Hypnotize Minds label.

The MC spoke with XXL today about being estranged from his former group:

Right now I'm in the process of taking [DJ] Paul and Juicy [J] to court for dropping albums when I ain't with them; they doin' it on their own. I was with them for 16 years and the whole [time], everybody was sayin', "Why aren't y'all bringing out a Crunchy Black album?" But [Paul and J] were tellin' folks I couldn't do an album. Now they're trying to drop Crunchy Black's album? When I was with them, they wasn't droppin' no Crunchy Black albums. They were like, "Fuck Crunchy Black. He's just in Three 6 Mafia." So I'm never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going back to Paul and Juicy for nothin' in the world. They can come with all the money they [want], I just can't do it. I'm on my own, like they said. - Shout Mouth


"2-Way Freak"

"Ridin' Spinners"

"Stay Fly"

"It's Hard out Here for a Pimp"

"Poppin' My Collar"

"Side 2 Side"

"Chapter 2 World Domination" LP

"When the Smoke Clears LP

Sixty 6, Sixty 1" LP

"Most Known Unknown" LP

"Choices" LP

"Da Unbreakables" LP



Crunchy Black (born 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee) is a rapper and dancer best known for being a member of the Oscar-winning hip hop group Three 6 Mafia. Since the group's founding in 2006. Crunchy was best known for his dancing "G-Walking", which he says he started doing at clubs in Memphis. He is not the originator of this dance but because he excelled at it he is known as a pioneer.

According to an article in Ozone Magazine, Crunchy Black said that half of the songs used for Three 6 Mafia's last 2008 album Most Known Unknown were originally for his album and he was not getting paid for it. He stated that he had to pay for his own travel and hotel expenses, he was not allowed to go into business meetings with his lawyer, and that Three Six Mafia was behind shady business practices with his money.

Crunchy Black's debut solo album from Three 6 Mafia entitled On My Own was released on September 19, 2006. Crunchy said this was not his album. Crunchy’s second solo album From Me To U was put out without his permission. Crunchy Black talked to Dj Paul about the issue that occurred in 2006 and seemed to be re-establishing communication, he hoped to talk to Juicy J as well to resolve the issue but no contact has been made. For now Crunchy has begun working with his own record Label Da Real Hard Hitters. His other projects include other rap groups such as Prophet Posse and Da Volunteers.

Despite the situation with his former group Crunchy has evolved as a person and an artist. Being the creative force behind Three Six Mafia not many of the groups fans are aware that Crunchy came up with all the songs for the group’s albums, he feels that the fans will be able to identify and bond better with his latest project “Crunch time”. This album has already created a huge buzz on the Internet. He has uploaded videos from his latest album in which most of the recordings and the videos were done in Las Vegas, Nevada. Crunchy says that even though he is from Memphis he said that he needed a change of scenery. “So I decided to leave Memphis and sort of find myself and prove to my fans that no matter where I am I’m still an artists and one of the best. The songs on my new album reflect my new mindset and energy.

I have in perspective what I want, who I really am and what I have for my fans”. Crunchy Black is ready to let the world know that all that happened with Dj Paul and Juicy didn’t destroy him or break him and don’t think they made him. Just made him stronger. “The new album they did without me ain’t doing so well, this is a wake up call to them to recognize and realize that they shouldn’t have done what they did. I’m not concentrating on the past anymore It’s crunch time now. I’m ready to return to my family, and that’s my fans and my hometown Memphis. I have a manager Eric “eclass” Grayson who I trust and I know works hard for me his company Status Entertainment Group is got my back. Playa Pooh my daughter is an example of the talent and gift of music that runs through my veins.

LCB & Boogie man, The Real Hard Hittaz and Young Pimps are talented artists that have been behind me and inspired me to continue to be Crunchy Black a force to be recon with. And last but certainly not least I’m Strengthening my relationship with God. I’m not perfect but he accepts me the way I am. Glen Booth has been one of the best friends that you could possibly ask for. He has been in my corner and has never let me loose focus. He is my evidence that God loves me and has a purpose for me and that I can’t fail. Anna Stein and Eclass is my proof that there are people that I can trust with my career that want to see me prosper. I thank God for him, her and her family.

I didn’t forget anybody you know who you are and you’re in my heart and that’s the most important place to have you”. Crunchy lost both parents at an early age. He spent most of his child hood in and out of foster homes. Since Crunchy left the group he has spent time in Las Vegas working on his album Crunch Time with very talented artists such as B Ellis, Don Loc, Rayjozz, Yin Yang twins and the Young Pimps.

Birth name Darnell Carlton Also known as CB, or Crunch,Crunchy Mane Born 1977 Origin Memphis, Tennessee, United States Genres Hip hop Years active 1994–present Labels Da Real Hard Hittaz/ Universal records, Columbia, Loud, Relativity, Prophet Associated acts Hypnotize Camp Posse, The Real Hard Hittaz, Prophet Posse, Triple 6 Mafia.