Crunchy Frog

Crunchy Frog

 Corte Madera, California, USA

Crunchy Frog is a seasoned, professional, and very entertaining band made up of kids age 10-14. They've been featured on ABCTV, newspaper articles, performed for thousands of people and played their fresh arrangements of rock & pop classics on stage 55 times. Typically "the Frog" steals the show!


Hot off their Marin County Fair concert appearance and ABC TV NEWS FEATURE, Crunchy Frog performed Labor day on the main stage of the famous Sausalito Art Festival. In 2006, four grade schoolers with advanced musical abilities joined up to perform one song, "Sunshine of Your Love" for an elementary school talent show. The video of that live performance got around and before they knew it, the band had offers to play all over northern California. They grew from four to six, learned twelve songs and started playing summer music festivals. Looking small yet sounding BIG and professional, their fresh arrangements of classic rock and jazz have been a big hit with teens and family audiences everywhere they've played. Some of the larger venues include Labor Day at Bay Meadows race track, the Marin County Fair (twice), The Mill Valley Film Festival, Novato's Rock & Blues by the Lake and Art, Wine & Music Festival, the Point Richmond Summer Music Festival, the Marin City Blues and Soul Festival, the Sunny Hills Services Grape Festival and the Richmond Business Expo. In addition, they have several city sponsored concerts under their belt as well as some substantial private party engagements. Their popularity stems from their ability to bring back the classic rock experience in a powerful, yet very FUN way. The band's live version of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" has over 11,000 hits on youtube. Check it out and read what people say about Crunchy Frog.


Sweet Emotion

Written By: Aerosmith / Crunchy Frog

Here's one about an eight year old rocker who can't understand why his mother won't let him leave home and go on tour with a rock & roll band.......Go figure?

Sweet Emotion, sweet emotion

You talk about things that nobody cares
You wearing other things that nobody wears
You're calling my name but I gotta make clear
I can't say mama where I'll be in a year

Some slimy promoter with really big teeth
Told us our band is beyond belief
He said “climb on the bus and wave to mama”
“Don't tell me about emotional trauma”

Sweet Emotion, sweet emotion

Got picked up in a police car
You told them I strayed a little too far
You keep telling us we’ll never be big
Well you might be right but we got this gig

Standing in front just shaking your head
Trying to tell me it's time for bed
Well maybe it's time you joined the band
Cause a month on the road and I'll be holding your hand

Sweet Emotion, sweet emotion

Walk this Way

Written By: Aerosmith / Crunchy Frog

Now our eight year old rocker goes off to military school.

Love my momma always wanting to guide me when it seems like I'm going a stray

Well sure I need something but I cannot help a-wondering if there
wasn't an alternative way

She dropped me off at camp, wouldn't let me bring my amp but I got
myself a ready to play

They said we'll get around to that but first you little brat you're gonna learn how to walk this way

And they made me
Walk this way, talk this way
Walk this way, talk this way
Just give me a kiss, like this

Just like living in a dream...
Hospital corners, followin orders, we're all lined up in a row

The best time he's ever seen...
Well the uniform's cool and I get to go to school but the rest
of this has got to go

So don't you worry bout a thing...
Don't want to shine my shoes, ain't gonna polish no brass

We'll let you see him in the spring...
We wrote the perfect line for here but I'm not allowed to say it!

We are your overlords...

You know mama's always wanting to guide us when it seems like we're
going a stray.

We probably need something but we can't help wondering if there isn't
some other way.

You drop us off at camp, won't let us bring our amp but we get
ourselves ready to play.

They say we'll get around to that but ALL you little brats are
gonna learn how to walk this way.

And they made me
Walk this way, talk this way,
Walk this way, talk this way

Just give me a kiss, like this


Demo audio CD and/or DVD containing videos of live performances available upon request.

Set List

Carry on My Wayward Son
Sweet Child O' Mine
Sunshine of Your Love
In My Life
Linus & Lucy / Twist & Shout
FM / The Wall
Sweet Emotion
Sugar We're Going Down
Money for Nothing / Don't Stand so Close to Me
Walk This Way
Won't Get Fooled Again

Don't worry! Crunchy Frog always performs lyrics that are appropriate for all ages.