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"Obsolescence Review 1"

An opus of romantic gloom... a dreamy, whispered collection. - The Observer

"Self Navigation Review"

The stunning result is enough to make
you wish it were night all day long. - Pitchfork

"Self Navigation REview 2"

The kind of passion rarely heard on pop records. - Devil in the Woods

"gossamer days review 2"

Slow and drifting beauty that flows almost jazz touched, like soft red-lit lounge as opposed to scattered improve style. Vocals caress and surround, and it sort of reminds me of Spain (the band, not the place). Gossamer is a very good word and actually describes the music and the songs perfectly. The mood is low and dark, but still floating, like you could slip into the clouds at any moment. Like the Coctails, but slower and deeper. Lush but not full, soft, but not empty. Like music that moves through a movie that you remember in your dreams, playing in the flashbacks,the clouded memories of lost loves and that indescribable ache for a perfect moment. - the big takeover

"Gossamer Days Review 3"

Gautreau's voice sounds has a drunken slur to it which contrasts nicely with the pristine instrumentation: guitars chime with infinity, cymbals crash with luscious echoes and keys puncture the melodies beautifully; a finely constructed album. - under the radar

"Gossamer Days Review 3"

Glossy pop music. Deliberately paced tempos are set by finger-picked guitar patterns augmented by sustained keyboard chords, and Gautreau calmly and indistinctly intones his lyrics within the mix. It's all dreamy and gauzy and vague, like the earnest mumbling of Michael Stipe in early R.E.M. if the band were being produced by an ambient-minded Brian Eno. - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Gossamer Days Review 4"

Enamored of refracted sunlight and beams through leafy trees; it’s careful, considered, graceful, and in love with the feel of warmth on eyelids. It continues the line from Nick Drake to the Clientele, a lot of softly-tumbling guitar lines and slow-motion moments that allow for everything to unfold at its own speed; with its knowing solitude and broadly romantic lyrics, it features the sort of sound you’d imagine as the score to your fantasy autumn relationship with a pretty college professor. “We talked about Camus, we listened to Burt Jansch…the collars on our sweaters got in the way of our kissing.” - DETOUR

"Gossamer Days Review 5"

Crushed Stars’ reverb-heavy vocal patterns and liquid-like guitar/organ melodies make for the perfect late night bedroom-pop listen...radiates in purity, basking in its calm nature. Relaxing and rejuvenating, Gossamer Days will slip into your soul with ease, breaking down that which is bad and replacing it with something a little bit better. - - Fensepost

"Gossamer Days Review"

The third album from Todd Gaureau's Crushed Stars project is entitled Gossamer Days, and you won't find a more truthfully evocative Artist - Title pairing, anywhere. Listening to, say, the opening track "Spies," is a little like watching celestial bodies shooting up a hazy night sky, stardust in slow-mo. Like a less enunciated Red House Painters. "Life Until Now," meanwhile, introduces slightly more insistent snares and hi-hats, but by verse two that's milk-coated with warmed, plinking keyboard patterns and texturizing, rising guitars, keeping everything ... very ... dreamy. - stereogum


Gossamer Days CD 2008
Obsolescence CD 2006
Self Navigation CD 2005



After playing SXSW in 2005, Crushed Stars signed to Arena Rock Records.
The following year they released Obsolescence and
appeared at 2006’s CMJ New Music Conference.
New record Gossamer Days produced by Stuart Sikes (Cat Power, Modest Mouse, White Stripes).
Released Spring 08. Recently charted on KCRW.
Reviews appear in current issues of Under the Radar and The Big Takeover.

Publicity: Team Clermont