Re-establishimg peoples faith in old fashion rock n' roll here in the good 'ol USA, Crusher Bound Cadillac is a driving force in Denver, Colorado. This band produces the tasty guitar licks, flowing bass lines, intricate beats, and vocal hooks and melodies that made rock what it is and should be!


CRUSHER BOUND CADILLAC: Creation of the Wreck

Crusher Bound Cadillac is a luxury ride down the rock n roll highway like you’ve never had before. Built from the ground up, with veterans of the metal trade from across this magnificent country of ours, this 2005 model has a sound all its own. Within the first two years that this monster was up and running, they have had the distinct privilege of opening for multiple national acts like Skindred, Brand New Sin, Buckcherry, Nonpoint, Powerman 5000, Hurt, Queensryche, Staind, and Judas Priest as well as many of their own headlining gigs. They have also clinched finalist status in multiple regional contests including KBPI’s Best Band in Denver, Sammy Hagars’ Cabo Wabo, Zippo’s Hot Tour, and’s Battle of the Bands. With regular rotation on Clear Channel radio stations like KBPI 106.7fm, something unsigned bands very rarely accomplish, and live performances that destroy the conventional expectations of a local rock show, CBC has become a leading musical force in Colorado and the surrounding areas. This Caddy’s four quarters converged on Denver, Colorado by storm creating an all-new musical genre, which they have dubbed “southern grunge metal,” as well as raising the bar for bands in the Rocky Mountain area. With intricate and mind blowing rhythms you have Devon Kimzey, hailing from the great state of Wyoming, making you feel the pulse of this mad machine’s bored out 8 cylinder engine. Then you have the bass guitar phenom Mike Krening, an Colorado one of a kind pumping the fluids of the beast with an untouchable low-end foundation and enough energy to power the sun. Add another Wyoming prodigy in Scott “Slippy” Seidl, the ax swinging’ man providing the pimped out body work, combining the slick and evil style of muscle car and the extravagance of a loaded sedan with lightning fast licks and thick, mesmerizing, high-end hooks that lock in your head. Top it all off with the chrome details, primer and flames, not to mention your each and every desired bell and whistle, you have the mind-blowing, melodic vocals of Cadillac Sam, an Iowa native, laying down the five-mile burn out on your mental pavement that will never come clean. Take those four components, throw them in the crusher, and your end result is bound to be a road trip in a Cadillac you’ll not soon forget. Crusher Bound Cadillac is well on its way, and destined, to be the custom model of choice for the entire planet in their search for a fast, smooth and comfortable cruising musical vehicle that's able to tear up any road for drivers and passengers alike.


One for the Road

Written By: Cadill Sam

When you walked in a cigarette was hanging from your chin. Knew right away that you were trouble but I let you in. Take another look at what I think you have in mind. Just hope this time I’m right.
So now it’s been a couple hours and we’re feeling fine. I thought that I could feel your fingers running up my thigh. You whispered in my ear and told me what I had in store and it put me to the floor.
You are electrical, you are electrical, you are electric girl you know you’ll never get enough so order some more.
Driving high.
No, you can’t get enough, no you won’t get it. You’ll never get enough. No.
Its two o’clock and all your friends are headed for the door. One more question: which is closer my place or yours? We hit the bar, “one for the road,” before we’re out the door. By now you know the score.


Written By: Cadillac Sam

Another day in Hell begins the same old way. Wake up and apologize for mistakes of yesterday.
Can you see the problems rising just around the bend? Wave goodbye to sobriety. Say hello my new best friend.
I’ve got these eyes but I can’t see.
I’ve got this fire inside of me…it’s burning out of control.
The black is dripping down your face so plain to see. And the devil that made it all this way…of course, it’s me.
If you can hear me now, I’ll let you know.
You can’t control me.

Under the Gun

Written By: Cadillac Sam

Wonder how does this start? Everything just falls apart, it blows my brain.
Don’t ever take the time to sit back and unwind. Things never change.
No shelter under gun, but still, sometimes its fun to cure my pain. So high my eyes are fried, and I think I want to ride right down the drain.
Seems all’s lost yesterday. It rips my life away so pass the blame. White dirt to hypnotize, brings you milk carton size. Don’t wait for me.
Am I too far gone this time to make you all understand, the words I can’t ignore.
In for nasty weather so prepare for rain. It’s here today just like they said before.

Strength in Numbers

Written By: Cadillac Sam

It’s a long story. So where should I begin. Your face kept changing. Like a snake that’s shedding skin. I’m not your brother and this you will deny. Yet to this day you’re still afraid to look me in the eye.
Yeah. I can’t wait to put you in your place. I want to.
Yeah. I can’t wait to see your lying fucking face repaid and broken.
I’m right behind you. In shadows my disguise. Just keep ignoring. I’ll offer my reprise.
It’s now or never. Tonight it’s done. We’re all around you. There’s no place safe to run.
Go. Knocked out…teach you to fuck with me.
We’ll fight together with fists up in the air. Odds are against you because smart kids don’t fight fair. Got strength in numbers except when we divide. This world is here for us to take just hope you’re on our side.

Fading Away

Written By: Cadillac Sam

Sit alone and hide in the house you’ve made. All the shit still comes back up and it gets right in your face. You never thought to open up your doors and let me in. Here on the outside it’s getting so cold it’s starting to burn my skin.
If I can’t give you all you need. Just give me time to get up to speed. I won’t let you just fade away. We’ll find our place and that is where we’ll stay.
See you run through the visions in my head. I swear I felt your touch but I can’t remember a word you said. Here in this world I will wait for you on top of the wave, and I will stand here strong for you even with one foot in my grave.


Written By: Cadillac Sam

Down in the gutter with your broken dreams and bones. Skulls reflections lie. Just leave you drownin cause you ain’t redeemin kind. God can’t bring you back to light.
Smoke drive the vulture south like summer’s at an end. Loud like bombs he cry. Back alley tortured story served as old as wine. I won’t buy your fiction lines.
It’s almost over now the hunter’s closing in. No holes in to hide. Evil intentions creeping up, not far behind. Reaper’s killing from your mind.
He’s come to take you down unless you roll to win. Who’s gonna save you in the end?
Who’s gonna save you now?


Luxury Ride - EP

One for the Road - Single
Sludgemouth - Single

Set List

One for the Road
Hiding the Bruise
Strength in Numbers
Impending Doom
Kiss the Sun
Under the Gun
Letters to Jennifer
Gone Tomorrow
Fading Away