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"The 2007 Debut release from Crush Luther"

The 2007 Debut release from Crush Luther.

"Newsflash: Crush Luther is making pop music cool again. Where fluffy substance-free burlesque groups are at one end of the spectrum and edgy hardcore screamo acts are at the other end, Crush Luther has created a flawless balance of credible, non-pretentious, honest music. Their self-titled debut combines heartfelt ballads, bouncy tunes and intense, guitar-driven rock songs that showcase a band with a wide range of tastes and talents." - Metro
- "Metro" Care of

"Crush Luther Forging Identity"

Crush Luther doesn't want to be known as the new Blink 182.

The Toronto-based pop band, which comes to Calgary Saturday, hope it's a little more mature than that.

"People might be expecting some Blink 182 on stage, which a lot of people always are these days of any young band, but we are interested in grabbing some plus-19 fans," says lead vocalist Luther Mallory, 25.

"Lots of teenage girls like us which is tremendous, but I think our live show is a little older than that. It's not completely idiotic."

Crush Luther, which recently released its self-titled debut CD, have seen their popularity grow to a respectable level in Ontario.

Now, Mallory says, the band is ready to be unleashed in Western Canada.

"We haven't been out west nearly enough to draw spectacular crowds but, so far, it's been good," he says, adding the band credits Much Music's constant airing of its' first video, City Girl, for that.

"All the Much Music and Much More Music stuff has been responsible for absolutely everything outside of Ontario. It's incredible."

Mallory, with guitarists Matt Leitch and Giggi Bongard, bassist Bodan Mulholland and drummer Brent Mills, recorded Crush Luther's debut album in early 2006.

Since then, they've been playing festivals, including a couple stints with the Vans Warped Tour, and online.

"These days we are trying to become more of an on-line band for sure. What was really successful on our last tour, was our tour blogs."

During the band's last Canadian tour, Crush Luther filmed and posted video entries, which gave fans a look into their lives on the road.

"We are certainly not YouTube celebrities or anything, but I think we've had in the area from 500 to 1,000 people who have checked them out, which is pretty decent."

- Tara Merrin - Sun Media

"Crush Luther - The Cools"

Toronto’s own Crush Luther put one hell of a show on at Wakestock this past weekend, where the band rocked their heart out and put more energy into their set than most other bands could only dream of. These guys are definitely not your average rock band. Combined with upbeat rockin tunes and crazy stage antics including piggy backs and too many close call collisions, these guys don’t just play music, they put on a full fledged performance.

And the entertainment doesn’t stop there! This up and coming five-piece is equally committed to promoting their off the wall personalities as they are their music. Don’t believe me? Check out to get a taste of just how crazy these guys are.

Narrated by lead singer, Luther Mallory, wearing wicked oversized retro glasses, their promotional videos are chalked full of cock shots and competitions that are so ridiculous they’re great. Be sure to check it out soon though, because there’s a new video every two weeks – all of which are well worth the watch.

For more information about Crush Luther or to find out where they’ll be next, visit

"Crush Luther Release New Music Video For Second Single, ’28'"

There were three girls around earlier in the show, but they left because the bar owner was drunk and hitting on them. There was also a drunk named Kurt, but he got thrown out minutes into the show.

“We ended up actually having a pretty excellent show, after the show,” Mallory said. “But previously, just Kurt. Kurt is probably dead now, I assume.” – Sam Rashid - andPOP

"Crush Luther"

“Their sound works just as well when they slow the rhythm and get more intimate with their tunes… Some People Have No Good To Give is definitely more mature then anything else Crush Luther has done. They have more vision and clarity with what they want to create, and can spin a tale abut finding your way as good as any seasoned pop veterans (“Makes You Weak”)…The band has proven they still have plenty more good to give even after almost breaking up, it could even be suggested that they are even better now then they have ever been.” – Max Specht - Press +1

"Crush Luther"

“This Toronto pop-rock band will likely become the new “pride and joy” of Canadian music. Thanks to memorable lyrics and charming guitar work, Crush Luther is an album listeners can identify with.” – Carly Sunderland - The Western Gazette


LP : Crush Luther 2007 (Self Titled)

LP : Crush Luther - Some People Have No Good To Give 2009



How do you find the words to describe a band that uses such unique colors to create their musical paintings? With Crush Luther, it’s not easy. Formed in Toronto in 2002 Crush Luther, consisting of Luther Mallory (vocals/guitar), Matt Leitch (guitars/keys), Shael Fox (bass/vocals) and PJ Herrick (drums), Crush Luther are that band….incredibly difficult to describe musically. A bit of Rickie Lee Jones here, a dash of Lyle Lovett there and a pinch of slick pop sensibility comprises the musical landscape that is Crush Luther.

The group have very quickly made a name for themselves in the world music scene. Releasing their self titled debut in February of 2007 on High 4 Records, Crush Luther experienced success quicker then most bands do. Their first single City Girl quickly shot to the number one spot on the MuchMoreMusic countdown. Their second single, The Cools, enjoyed heavy rotation on MuchMusic plus a number two spot on MuchTop10s.

Crush Luther did multiple nation-wide tours in support of the release and appeared on several national TV shows including ET Canada, Breakfast TV, YTV’s The Zone and Canada AM. But after the success of their debut album, the band hit a rough patch - three members left, leaving only Luther Mallory and Matt Leitch. Mallory says, “It seemed impossible to continue. More than half the band had quit. But, Matt and I have played in bands together since we were 16 years old so what else were we really going to do? It was either find a way to rebuild, or become those people who live normal, respectable lives. The choice was obvious.”

With a fresh line up and a renewed sense of determination, the guys of Crush Luther have recorded another full length CD, (to be released in the fall of (2009), and will no doubt build on the success of their self-titled debut. 2009 looks to be another great year for Crush Luther.