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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"check these guys out !!!!!"

i got to check these guys out at a local club and bought the cd. definatly one of the better bands in the area. the music is tight and chunky, but has a groove and is melodic at the same time. they take a lot of different influences (metal, funk, hardcore,etc.) and put it together tastefully without sounding like anyone else. powerfull guitars , snarling bass lines, tight drums and in your face vocals are what these guys are about. overall a great blend of new and old metal with melodic solos and riffs (yes! guitar solos!!! finally guitarists that can play!!) that has something for everyone. they're definatly on to something! check these guys out!!!!!! - Grendle


Demo 2003
The next demo of CRUSHPILE includs 4 tunes this time: "Warcock ", "Sawtooth ", "457 " as well as "Click Dark ".
The tunes are well-kept in similar convention like previous material, although already the first tune portrays the progression of team.
The tunes are more melodious, dark but still beats from them aggression and strong dynamicsl.
The guitars besides the rhythmical, strong dead-beat riffs bring also the melody by solos or the melodious riffs.
The rhythmical section still is curiously arranged, which perfectively underlines the frequent changes of rhythm and mood.
However sound of vocal is more stabilized (dominate sharp melodious vocalizations).
But does not mind that we will not hear calm vocals or else aggressive screams.
If you are interested I invite on webside of CRUSHPILE, where you can to download funny video clip. -


Demo 2001
The first demo metal-men from New Jersey includes 3 tunes: "Owning Up", "Nutlob" and "Vegas".
The substance of music is create by the very dynamic and rhythmical thrash metal with influences of nu metal or hard core.
Every tune is characterizes by sharp dynamics, the dynamics is create by hard rhythmical and dead-beat the guitars.
The complex parties of drums and bass guitar diversify the diverse tempo and the mood.
The mood also is underlined by front-man obviously (using several sounds of voice - from clean recitations and gentle vocalization till sharp aggressive shouts).
The arrangements here and there are enriched by leading parties of bass, or sharp or the melodious guitar solos as well as guitar scratches.
The whole I would compare to e.g. PANTERA or DAMAGEPLAN and sometimes I think the associations with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (but seldo -


2001-Crushpile/Crushpile debut EP over 1000 copies sold

2003- "457" EP over 1000 copies sold



Crushpile is a 5 piece band based in northwestern NJ. The group was formed in spring of 2001 and are continuously moving ahead with all the original members. Our first self-titled, self-released recording was released in January 2002 with over 1000 copies in circulation to date. Our second self-released recording “457” was released in March 2003 and has duplicated the amount of sales of our first release.

Going forward in 2006 we will produce, record, and release our third EP. We anticipate this will do just as well if not better than the first two recordings locally, nationally and beyond with the help of our street team nationally and in Poland, Germany etc.

We are always on the hunt for new original ways to promote ourselves that many have not yet explored. Currently we are searching for label and scout interest to assist us in getting to the next level to benefit everyone involved with Crushpile and make a great product available to a starving audience for great music.

Here are some notables of what we have done:

Winners of the No Holds Barred Wrestling theme contest on 101.5 WPDH
Affiliated with WXW Wrestling
Relatively high rankings at
Sean has recently scores #8 Best Bass in Hard Rock, All-Time for our song Nutlob
Stood in line for 8 hours in NYC in extreme heat to try out for The Battle for Ozzfest
Self-released two Eps totaling over 2100 copies
Shot video for our song 457
Over 7000 hits to our old website and currently over 4000
Over 600 Google results for Crushpile

Crushpile is…… Jeff-Drums Kenny-Vocals Sean-Bass
Mike and Andy-Guitars

Please see our reviews at garage, and also Feel free to contact us for additional photos, video, references, or any other additional needs.