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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Exclusive: After opening for Deep Purple, Cruz band reveals "Primal" video"

After being invited to opening for Deep Purple in São Paulo, on the last day 12, the resident Brazilian band in the United States, Cruz, shows the clip of a new song, "Primal". The music will come out in the second album, Cult of Disorder , scheduled for release on December 5, when band performs in the state capital.

Like most of Cruz's repertoire, "Primal" bears the influence of the American grunge vocals Enrico Minelli to guitars Philip Pampuri in a band footprint and well settled. The video is simple and brings the band performing the band's performance in an extremely small room with walls stuffed amplifiers. The aggressiveness of "Primal" is almost a confrontation with the stifling environment where the quartet presents.

Watch the clip below, exclusively in Rolling Stone Brazil .

The Cruz spent two years without playing in Brazil and, after opening for Deep Purple and present in the Northeast, in Ponto.CE Dosol and festivals, the band does show in Sao Paulo to launch the second album, Cult of Disorder . The presentation will be at the Cine Joia in Freedom, on Friday, December 5th, and will feature a stuffed setlist of unreleased tracks.

Cruz in São Paulo
December 5 (Friday) at 0h
Cine Jewelry - Square Carlos Gomes, 82 - Freedom, São Paulo / SP
Tickets: R $ 50,00 (there are half-price) - Rolling Stone

"CRUZ Rocks Brazil"

The emphatic rock that has been doing great in brazilian lands.

The band, CRUZ, from Sao Paulo is on tour spreading the songs from their recently released EP "Chains". After huge success the EP had online, it’s time to the band to get on the road and show that they came to stay!

“We were really excited to see the reaction from our fans, and so far it could not be better!” celebrates Enrico, the singer. During this tour the band will share the stage with such names as 35 mls, NxZero, Gloria, Fresno and other big names on the rock scene. “We are glad to share the stage with all those bands, besides they are really great they are also really good friends" says Jose the bass player. The tour will pass trough Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Niteroi, Curitiba, Campinas, Vinhedo and many other cities of Brazil. "It's been crazy, because at the same time we are on tour, we are also working on the songs for our first full length album, we already have more than 20 songs for the cd" says Rafael Kumelys, guitar player.

Cruz will be recording at NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood California, this December with Grammy Award winning, multi platinum selling Producer/Mixer Jay Baumgardner for their first full length album. - Rolling Stone

"Fozzy - Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival (9/2/2012)"

Fozzy - Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival (9/2/2012)
09/06/20121 Comment

photos courtesy Kristen Mankowski

Worry started to fill me on the ride up to the show. I was in the car,
driving my girlfriend and myself to see a longtime favorite band of mine, and
suddenly the sky unleashed its floodgates. I rarely go to outdoor shows, but
when I do, I prefer to not be soaked from head to toe, whether by rain or the
beer a fellow concert-goer recently purchased. Luckily, after some time we
passed the downpour and arrived to some light drizzling, with hopes the rain
wasn't stalking us.

After a bit of walking around, bypassing scalpers and other peddlers, we
picked up our tickets from the booth and made our way into the venue. I'd never
been to Jiffy Lube Live (formerly the Nissan Pavilion), so we quickly glanced at
the map nearby and followed everyone else around the path. Soon we heard sounds
of opening bands on the side-stages, which is exactly where we needed to be.
Meandering our way through the crowd in front of the Jagermeister stage, which
Fozzy was headlining, we arrived to the sounds of Sao Paulo-based band,
Cruz, who did a great rendition of Bob Marley's "I Shot The Sheriff" featuring
P.O.D.'s Luis Castillo.

The way the festival's lineups work is that at each of the side stages, which
are directly beside each other, one band plays while the techs tear down and set
up for the following band on the other stage. This means that a lot of people
leave after each band ends and make their way over to the other stage,
presenting us with the opportunity to easily snag a place at the front-left of
the stage, setting up camp until Fozzy were to play several hours later. After
standing through several more bands at the Jager stage, Candlelight Red
and In This Moment, the latter of which was highly theatrical, filling the stage
with fences covered in skulls and twenty-foot white drapery hanging from the
microphone, it was time for Fozzy to play. - Better B Sharp

"UPROAR TOUR 2012 – Saratoga Springs NY"

UPROAR TOUR hit Saratoga County with a rockin’ storm, guitars as fierce as a hurricane!

The 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar tour pitched tents and built a few more stages on the Saratoga Performing Art Center grounds. This year was packed with great bands, all which could have headlined on their own! On the main stage was Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind and Adelitas Way; POD, Deuce, Mindset Evolution on the Ernie Ball Stage; and Fozzy, In This Moment, Candlelight Red and Cruz on the Jagermeister stage! How could you go wrong with a line-up like that?!? The weather was perfect. The music was loud and the day was complete with vendors with all sorts of fun merchandise, a Dimebag Darrell memorial tent and really everything to make it quite an awesome experience. This annual tour has only been around for a few years and they continue to get better and better!! Can’t wait to see how they top this one in 2013!! - Musician Photo Journal

"A Concert And A Word With Brazilian Rockers Cruz"

For those elitists who consider North Hollywood the border at which hip events dissipate, provide me a momentary benefit of the doubt. As a Valley Village resident myself, even I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled into an interesting and edgy crowd in my own backyard at an NRG Recording Studios event where I had the pleasure of experiencing a live studio performance by LA-based Brazilian rock band, Cruz.

Enrico Minelli’s baritone, Eddie Vedder-esque wails enveloped the audience– a blend of music industry sound geeks, and rock-and-roll authorities (that included the likes of Peter Frampton)– who had gathered to demo Slate Digital’s latest Virtual Tape audio software plugin.

Under Moroccan-themed tapestries hanging from the 12’ ceiling of NRG’s Studio B, the crowd swayed to drummer Daniel Pampuri’s easygoing slow beats, accompanied by the breezy instrumentals of guitarist Filipe Pampuri and bassist José Rondo performing “Someday” from their current EP.

With a sound that triggers a nostalgic fondness for ‘90s grunge, it comes as no surprise that Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Rage Against the Machine are among Cruz’s musical influences, along with ‘70s rock legends Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, and Tim Maia.

“Back then it seemed to be more all about the music and real attitude,” says Daniel. “We are, and I guess we will always be, in a process of self discovering and learning and improving because this is what drives us.”

NRG Studios makes a perfect home for the band, which has recorded a long list of industry heavy hitters Linkin Park, No Doubt, and Stone Temple Pilots. The studio’s owner Jay Baumgardner (producer/mixer for Bush, P.O.D., Papa Roach, Evanescence) signed Cruz to his NRG Artists label, and personally recorded and mixed the band’s soulful rock melodies.

“[The EP] would strike me as optimistic as far as the general appeal that it has. The sound is just a blend of what we love in rock,” says Rondo. “We had good times and bad times through the whole process but it was all important in the end and well worth it.”

Since relocating to LA, Cruz has traveled extensively back and forth between Brazil and the states, performing at SXSW and South America’s SWU festivals. They recently returned from a two-month sold-out tour across Brazil, and depart for their U.S. tour this week, playing with Alice in Chains, Megadeth, Alien Ant Farm, P.O.D., and Accident Experiment.

“Sometimes you get yourself in situations [when] you just look around and think, ‘man, if it wasn’t for music, I probably would never be experiencing this.’ Usually, these are some amazing feelings and situations so that’s what we are looking forward to right now,” says Daniel.

There are some elements of LA culture that Daniel says he would prefer to live without.

“Brazil [is] a different place where respect is built on the streets and not in some bullshit-talking here and there,” says Daniel.


He adds, “But, the city is magical… I love it.”

While The Viper Room and The Roxy have been the band’s favorite LA venues thus far, Daniel says he’s got his eye on Silverlake.

“El Cid looks charming and sounds GREAT,” he says. “I went to see my [current] favorite band The Vital when they played there and it was amazing…. so I’m looking forward to playing there soon.”

Apparently, when in LA, Cruz misses more than Brazilian culture. The band gave me some insights into a few of their favorite dining spots for when they’re craving some authentic Brazilian cuisine. With LA Street Food Fest coming up this weekend, I figured all you foodies might devour these recommendations:

Bossa Nova
What Cruz loves about this place:
(Daniel): It kinda feels like home.
(Rondo): This is a actual Brazilian spot, excellent food, most of the staff speaks Portuguese and it’s open late night.
You eat here when you’re in the mood for:
(Daniel): Remembering life is great…hehe.
(Rondo): Eating a lot.
Recommended dish:
Galeto, bife a cavalo and picanha… everything else is also great.
(Rondo): Well… that’s a hard one, but I would have the Picanha with rice, beans, salsa and yucca flour… nahm.
Any dining/parking tips?
(Rondo): There is not much parking spots since it’s on Sunset Boulevard.

Choza Mama
What Cruz loves about this place:
(Daniel): Good food.
(Rondo): Food that just has that homemade taste.
You eat here when you’re in the mood for:
(Daniel): A real meal.
(Rondo): Eating plates very similar to the ones we eat everyday back home.
Recommended dish:
(Daniel): Lomo saltado.
(Rondo): Lomo Saltado (Extra Juicy!)
Any dining/parking tips?
(Rondo) Yeah, eat a lot!!

What Cruz loves about this place:
(Daniel): [It’s a] real bakery.
(Rondo): Potato Balls!!! They also have a great espresso. Not this American coffee that has no kick (no offense) or taste.
You eat here when you’re in the mood for:
(Daniel): Real sandwiches and natural juice.
(Rondo): A sandwich or savories.
Recommended d - Los Angeles I'm Yours

"CRUZ: Brazil's Finest Create Sin City Masterpiece"

We have all been in that situation where your looking for new music to check out, and for me especially that new artist that you know has that extra edge, from just listening to one of their songs because they get you hooked in an instant.

I have come across many artists like this over the past, however my most recent discovery, thanks to a good friend of mine, is Brazilian based band, Cruz. Checking out their official music video to Sin City, I was totally blown away at just how brilliant and addictive this song was.

Full of attitude, deep lyrics and smooth beats Sin City definitely packs a punch. With this being the first time I have ever heard of Cruz just listening to their music makes me want to go wild and hyper to these guys who make their music come alive.

Set in the open road the video is mainly based around the guys creating music with all their heart and soul, and with great results too! Showing that they have no gimmicks, you can certainly tell that Cruz only have one priority – making music which excites!

I just had to keep pressing the replay button to the Sin City video because I just loved it so much. How I never discovered this band before I never know, but at least now I can be that extra bit happy that not only is there another band making the music industry a special world to be part of, but also that I have discovered yet more talent which I am already confident to add to my list of favourite bands! - Darkus Magazine


Cruz (Sao Paulo, Brazil) played the House of Rock in White Marsh, MD last night with Janus, Red Line Chemistry, and Cyrenic. I was really, really impressed with their set, but really disappointed they had sold out of their current stock of CDs/EPs. Of course, that’s just an indicator that they impress quite a bit of people with their live show. Check the band out on tour with Otherwise, Janus, and Red Line Chemistry now, and they’ll also be on Rockstar Uproar tour this fall. - Tunelab

"Photos & Review: Uproar Festival 2012 at PNC Bank Arts Center"

When Uproar Festival rocked New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center this past weekend, East Coast fans got a massive day filled with heavy hitters on three different stages.

On the Ernie Ball Stage there were numerous talented acts which included the soulful Redlight King as well as the party starters of Deuce and his crew who got many fans crowd surfing, just to name a few. P.O.D. headlined the stage and for good reason, Sonny Sandoval’s energy reached the crowd and so did he as he jumped off stage to sing to fans face to face.

While on the Jagermeister Stage Brazilian group Cruz rocked out while Candlight Redlight gave an energetic performance which included their most recent single ‘Demons.’ In This Moment were responsible for one of the best sets of the day as frontwoman Maria Brink was surrounded by her white throne decorated with skulls. Brink’s growling vocals and commanding stage presence showed the men of the day who was boss. Fozzy headlined the Jagermeister Stage and frontman Chris Jericho’s voice was spot on as he performed the band’s new single ‘Sandpaper.’ The overall chemistry of the entire band was evident onstage.
- Next Mosh

"Cruz Returns to Brasil for Tour - ENGLISH TRANSLATION"

The band Cross pauses in his current U.S. tour to perform a series of shows around here. The band performs in Taubaté (13/04), and then will play in Sao Paulo (22/04) and Fortaleza (27/04). The repertoire is based on the album VOL. I recorded with producer Jay Baumgardner (No Doubt, Linkin Park, Evanescence and Incubus).

Currently, the band is touring the U.S., where present in cities like Las Vegas, San Antonio, Austin, San Diego and Los Angeles. - Billboard Brasil


The band Cruz, São Paulo who is living in the United States three years ago in Los Angeles, Calif., recorded his first album, "Vol I "with the renowned American music producer Jay Baumgardner, known to work with big names like No Doubt, Linkin Park, Evanescence and Incubus. The album features 12 tracks and two unreleased copyrighted music "bonus", as hits from his audience. In music, the highlight is the powerful voice of Minelli (another disciple of Eddie Vedder). Cross has well-constructed harmonies, strength and personality. Several video clips were released, as " Above the Water "(Island of Boipeba, Bahia) and Physical Game (recorded recently in a Los Angeles nightclub. Formed by former members of some bands like Level Nine, Motel and Gridare, is presented in SXSW Festival in Texas, the 2012 tour by land of Uncle Sam. With a style that their own members - Enrico Minelli on vocals, Filipe and Rafael Pampuri Kumelys on guitars, Jose Orlando Pampuri on bass and Daniel on drums - defined as "rock and roll no adjacencies, "the group makes a song clean, accessible, visible and grunge influences. embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt LA as this story began? The year was 2008. The group had recorded a demo CD in Sao Paulo, and with the desire to improve the sound, flew to the United States to mix and master. The venue was the NRG Recording Studios, one of the most respected of the land of Uncle Sam. During the work, the producer became interested in sound and mixing would be done in ten days was extended by one month. When it came time to return to Brazil, Baumgardner has extended the invitation to sign a contract with the newly created record label. "We went to the United States to get the sound with high quality. We had no ambition for anything until then. He liked our work, asked if he would agree to stay there and make a record. We ran into at the time, "says the singer Enrico Minelli. The musicians tore tickets to Brazil and improvised sleeping in cars, the houses of other musicians who also engraved in NRG, selling tools, equipment and even a car. Gathered to enable all to stay in the U.S. and are even now. In the middle of the turn, just when the musicians were inside a van on the move, Jukebox did a quick interview via e-mail. 1 - Participation in SXSW We are delighted to participate in SXSW, because since we got here in the United States a lot of people talk about the festival and this year we're playing. We've played the last two nights and today will be our last show here, then we go to El Paso. In addition to playing is very nice to be here just because the festival is like a carnival of rock. Many people in the street, party everywhere you go in, and many good bands, yesterday witnessed a show of Gary Clark Jr was awesome! 2 - Tour The tour is very good, we've been through several cities here in Texas, still has El Paso, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and three shows in Los Angeles. Yesterday I learned that we must finish the tour on the 30th again in Las Vegas, back to wind up with an extra show which was not foreseen. And from April 13 to begin tour of Brazil. This time we go through several cities that never touch. Every time we go to Brazil we are able to win more and play in more places and we were very happy with it! 3 - Future Plans for this year is very touching. Play in all cities and countries as we can. We intend to launch the album in several countries and go to places that have not yet been. 4 - Overview of the market I believe that social networking sites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook are very good tools for bands, almost essential today. In our case, we share a lot of music for free for websites and mailing lis. Our main interest is to listen to our music. And sell more physical CDs at our shows. - Dynamite Online

"Cruz Wins Update or Die Battle of the Bands - TRANSLATION"

The band Cross was the winner of Update or Die, the group that allowed them to open the first day of the festival SWU. "Can you swear? ... P, is the c ... "commented the singer Enrico Minelli to get the victory. The band beat out the imitable type and Whiskey, the last Thursday in Culture Bookstore. They will play next to Copacabana Club, Matt & Kim, emic and several other groups at the festival. -

"Cruz Opens SWU Arts & Music Festival 2011 - TRANSLATION"

Winner of the Update or Die, the band Cross, opens the SWU Music and Arts Festival on November 12 in Paulínia. The band was chosen from more than 600 entries.
The bands were chosen by a process that involved about 50 updaters who selected 10 bands. These were assessed by five judges: Andreas Kisser, Sepultura, Rafael Losso, former MTV VJ, producers Luciano Kurban Corcione and Paul, and the general coordinator of the SWU production, Carla Morales.
With influences ranging from Pearl Jam Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, the Cross has three years of road and an album released, "Volume 1": "It's a dream. I went to SWU last year and could never imagine that! I hope our show at the festival open even more doors for us and that the Cross is invited to play in various parts of Brazil, "said the singer Cruz, Enrico, the SWU site. -

"Cruz-ing full speed ahead"

Say hello, or olá, to the next hottest rock band to be hitting the music scene. The Brasilian rock group Cruz made their journey from Sao Paulo to Los Angeles 2 years ago to begin work on recording their first studio album at NRG Recording Studios after catching the attention of legendary producer and mixer Jay Baumgardner.

The band features Enrico Minelli on vocals, Filipe Pampuri and Rafael Kumelys on guitar, Daniel Pampuri on drums, and Jose Rondo on bass. The truth is, you can’t help but fall in love with their talent, energy and passion for the music and you’ll be mesmerized by their presence…even within the first song you hear them play. Find out what we mean by checking out their music video for “Sin City”
With relatively no following in the US, they started playing in Los Angeles this summer at venues like the Viper Room, Crazy Girls, The Roxy, and the Dragonfly. This proved to be a successful warm up before returning home to Brazil this month for 3 1/2 weeks of shows and appearances. To get their friends and fans in Brazil ready, their album, Volume 1 was released in it’s entirety (streaming only) on their Facebook page. As of today it has already gained over 15,000 plays in under 4 weeks! During that time Cruz performed sold out shows in 3 different cities and performed live on television for over 1 million people during a live news program. But if you’re in the US, don’t fret. The boys will be making their way back to the States to continue touring starting late 2011. Until then, take a trip over to their website for a free download of the track “Above the Water” check out their kick ass live performances on YouTube like ”Physical Game” from Crazy Girls, where they certainly don’t lie about the name (see below). “Boa sorte” to Cruz in Brazil as they finish out their homecoming shows! We will see you back in LA soon! - Rockstar Digital

"Review of Beco 203 Show in Sao Paolo - TRANSLATION"

Cruz is a band formed in Sao Paulo for five friends who dreamed of making a living from rock 'n roll. After finalizing the composition of the first disc, moved to Los Angeles to start filming give the dream was about to become reality. The band's sound is centered on hard rock, full of grunge influences of the late '90s. Despite being Brazilian, the lyrics are in English, approaching more the style of music. The disc also great ballads that appear well balanced between the heavier tracks and full of energy.
The setlist paced by almost all the tracks on the disc, and still made ??room for a cover of "I Shot The Sheriff" by Bob Marley, and "Chains" music of the early career of the band, with special participation of a former member . With a few technical problems, easily forgotten, the show ended with the feeling of accomplishment. All the sacrifice on the part of the band was certainly rewarded by great record that brought in a bag, and the show that will be recorded for long in fans' minds. Let this be just the beginning of a long, successful career! - Repertoriocultural

"Show Review - TRANSLATION"

Too much responsibility a band fill a concert hall in his second show in Augusta? This is exactly what the band did at the Cross last Thursday in Lane 203. Formed by former members of veteran bands on the national scene as Level Nine, and Gridare Motel, the group came from Los Angeles, where they live today to release his first album.

The party started with DJing Rick Mast, Sugar Kane. Meanwhile, the house filled and there was no space near the stage. It is remarkable how many fans that the band has won since the show they did in Brazil in 2010, the Vegas Club. And amid cries of "Cross! Cross! Cross ", the band takes the stage and begins the presentation with the heavy" Sin City ".

The show continues with "Physical Game," "It's Over" and "Afraid of You", all accompanied by screams from the audience. Despite some problems with the bass (which were repeated again later), the band kept pace and had a great cover of "I Shot Sheriff" Bob Marley. The quieter part of the show came next, with the footprint of country "Na Na Na" and quiet "Above The Water".

The album, produced by Jay Baumgardner at the famous NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood, was performed almost in its entirety and with the audience singing every song. The closure was due to "Someday" entitled to Moshe many fans.

The Cross is now following his album release tour in Brazil and will go through places like Fortaleza, Curitiba, Florianópolis and Porto Alegre and then return to the United States. But Enrico Minelli, moved, made it clear that another tour here will soon arrive: "There will be a year from now, no. It will be less. " - Zonapunk

"Brazilian Rock Band is Popular in the United States Singing in English - TRANSLATION"

Imagine you have a rock band with friends. One day, a respected U.S. music producer listening to the sound of you likes and decides to take on the project. This situation is the dream of many Brazilian musicians who seek a place in the sun, right? Well that's exactly what happened with the Cross.

Comprising five São Paulo, the band is rooted for three years in Los Angeles, California, and as he prepares to be officially launched in the United States, held this month by a miniturnê Brazil.

With Enrico Minelli on vocals, and Raphael Philip Pampuri Kumelys on guitar, José Orlando Pampuri on bass and Daniel on drums, the group is the best man U.S. producer Jay Baumgardner, known for having worked with big names like Papa Roach , In Doubt , Linkin Park , Evanescence and Godsmack .

The meeting with Baumgardner did not happen by chance, but the invitation to sign a contract with music label recently created by the producer was unexpected. The year was 2008. The group had recorded a demo CD all in English and in Sao Paulo, seeking to improve the sound, flew to the United States with money borrowed from relatives for mastering and mixing the project.

The studio was chosen to Baumgardner, the NRG Recording Studios, one of the most respected of the land of Uncle Sam. During the work, the sound just calling the attention of producer and mix CD, which would be made by him in ten days, took a month to complete.

"Jay is very thorough. Time passed and when we realized had gone 30 days. That's when we realized that he liked our music and that was doing work to get the best possible, "recalls guitarist Philip Pampuri. "Commendable CDs that Jay was mixed for other bands and he said that our would be ten times better."

Work ended, tickets purchased, it was time to return to Brazil. Baumgardner was there that the proposal made to the band. "We went to the United States to be with a professional sound. We had no ambition to nothing so far. As he liked our work, asked if we would accept to stay there and make a record. When we run, "says the singer Enrico Minelli.

The musicians tore air tickets to Brazil and, more improvised, just sleeping in cars and homes of members of other bands that also recorded at NRG, of whom became friends.

"We could not go home and let it cool. As the initial cash was gone, where could we get money. My brother and I sell guitars and other equipment we had in a studio in São Paulo. Rafael sold the car. Everything together, "recalls Pampuri.

Already established in the United States, Baumgardner has only one request: to alter the name of the band, initially called Montecristo. "This is the name of a snack mix in the U.S. like hot and had a salsa band in San Diego who was also called so. There could not, "Minelli says, laughing.

Even with the strong influence of post-grunge, the members prefer to define the sound of the Cross as a "rock and roll without adjacencies." Among the preferences of the musicians are Pearl Jam , Nirvana , Led Zeppelin , Deep Purple and Beatles .

The songs, which highlight the grooves and the powerful voice of Minelli, are all in English. The adoption of the language did not occur after the move to the U.S.. This was an option since the formation of the group. "We sound more English to rock. We love the Portuguese language and Brazilian music, but for some things rock, the English sounds better, "says the singer.

Facilitated the fact that they are already fluent in the language of Shakespeare. Enrico Minelli had lived in Australia, Philip Pampuri in the United States and José Orlando in England. Still, the group was afraid it would be like accepting the American public. Brazilians rocking in English may sound strange. But what happened was the opposite.

"We had a little afraid of how the crowd would be receptive. But when we say we are in Brazil, people get wrapped up. Asked to tell how we got there and started to exchange ideas, "says Minnelli.

According Pampuri, people only learn that the band is Brazilian because they count. "If we do not talk, nobody notices. When recording the CD, they asked if we were in Florida. They spoke that our accent was similar to that of there, "laughs the guitarist.

The group has made an average of seven concerts per month in the United States and has a captive audience. Among the places where the band performed The Rocks are home, where she stepped the legendary Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin , and even a fundraiser at the mansion of Playboy . The best show for them, however, happened in The VIPP Room, a nightclub located in West Hollywood, California, which once belonged to actor Johnny Depp . "It is relatively small, but has perfect acoustics," says Pampuri.

Even at full blast, the official launch of the group, with a strategy to play on the radio and make presentations on TV, is scheduled for early next year, when the Cross will begin a U.S. tour.

Before that, they decided to return to Brazil - Ultimo Segundo

"Translation- ROADIE CREW"

Hangar 110- Sao Paulo

Hours before the festival the excitement was contagious. Loads of people were present to see two of the best national rock bands play. The house was at maximum capacity and the energy was intense. Not even on one of the coldest nights of the year could stop this crowd from standing in line in front of the famous venues of Sao Paulo, the Hangar 110.

At 8:00pm the lights fade as everyone awaits Cruz to come on stage. Opening the show with “Back Home”, Cruz took the fans to madness. Even know English is not the primary language to the country the public went wild, singing along with Enrico. Everything was perfect; lights, sound, and more importantly, the crowd, which led me to joining in on the excitement. With their solid repertoire, Cruz, was sensational. For the ones that have never seen them live before proved on that night why the people talked so much of the band, and they changed the destiny of Brazilian rock music. With strong riffs and an extremely outstanding stage presence, they really set the fire to the night. The crowd sang together the singles “The rain” and “Farewell” higher than the singer.

Next to hit the stage is 35mls, leading the night with a key of gold. Always with energy they entered the stage. Many fans were dressed from head to toe with the bands merchandise. Leo, Joka, Daniel, and Faustinho never left anything out. Once again the sound was impeccable. They moved the crowd with hits “Sempre com Voce”, “O som da minha vida”, “Alegria” and many others. They proved again why they were so popular, closing the night. Definitely a fun night!
- Bruna Silva


Cruz • Vol. I - Brasilian Release 6/24/11
Cruz • E.P - U.S. Release 1/14/12



Enrico Minelli- Vocals
Filipe Pampuri- Guitar
Jose Rondo- Bass
Daniel Pampuri- Drums

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil - four friends have joined forces to form Cruz (Enrico Minelli, Jose Rondo, Filipe Pampuri, Daniel Pampuri), a soulful rock band with a modern edge. Their first album was put together in a week at Daniel and Filipe's studio in Brazil. The band completed their initial recordings, packed their bags and traveled all the way to Los Angeles to work with the award winning Producer/Mixer Jay Baumgardner.

Shortly after arriving, the members of Cruz impressed Jay Baumgardner with their talent, energy, alluring vocals and exceptional sound. They were signed to his label and management company, NRG Artists. They scrapped the first cut of the album and re-recorded a few old songs and began writing and recording a new album in the famed NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood with Jay Baumgardner which was released late 2011 as an exclusive Brazil release. Early 2012, Cruz released their EP in the US which was recorded and mixed by Jay Baumgardner.

Cruz has played at major music festivals such as the SWU music festival in South America, SXSW music festival and the Rockstar Energy Uproar Tour.

Band Members