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scripture with hip hop there's no better a sound
Reviewer: Waiyaki
First the Cross Movement, then The Frontlynaz and now The Cruzaiders. Groups that are not just rapping but are preaching and you can can tell that they are anonted because their lyrics are not only infectious but they are Biblical and that is a true testament of God being a part of their Ministry. Keep it going Cruzaiders in due time the Lord will elavate you....Banging album especially the song " Worship" Wizdom is a producer extraodinaire.....

how gospel rap supposed to sound like. dope.
Reviewer: auto
gotta hand it to ya cruzaiders. your album is straight up ill. beats are superb> real nice!
Whoa!!!! What a combination! The songs are encouraging, convicting and magnifies

Reviewer: Yolonda Butler
What I heard is phenominal! For someone raised from traditions to true salvation, I now recognize God moves in various avenues. Others like unto my old man, should recognize the God of and in the music. I truly do believe their hearts, towards christian rappers and God, will change. I,personally,enjoy the lyrics, beats and the spirit. It, although through rap, is a sweet spirit that brings about conviction and change. It gently reminds while at the same time pumps you up to move for Jesus Christ and reminds you to praise him. While I'm at work I get krunk!!! Right at my seat and still can make it throughout the day with the reminder that Jesus is still on the throne. Keep up the good work and continue to seek the Lord while he may be found.--yb

Still spittin the truth in love.....Joint is Hot!
Reviewer: M. Horne
This album has phenomenal hooks and beats, but the overall message is what keeps this CD on constant rotation in my car. There is undeniable truth in this album. No Better Life has crossover appeal and a message the world needs.

Reviewer: Jayreed
The reason why i put 5 stars is becausee anybody who really reviews cd' the lyrics....not the beats!!!!! Even though the beats are off the chain and grab your attention as well!!! I'm mezmerized by the lyrics and the content in which they pack full of the Word and Glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ!!! It's like they are provoking and intimidating the enemy to show them...."Look....Christian Rap quality has came along way!!!" No longer can any sinner listen to a cd like this...and say that Christian Rap is Wack!!! The Cruzaiders are making them respect us...and not only that....They are delivering a message that's full of the Word to change lives. You gotta respect that!!!! Ya'll soldiers keep moving on the real!!! See ya'll on the battlefield!!! -Jayreed!!!!!

The "No Better Life "Album Is CRAZY.
Reviewer: Kim B
The Beats are Hot, The lyrics are Biblical!! There reppin the Most High Right!!

The best hip hop CD of 05, keepin it REAL and PURE, I love it !!!!!!!
Reviewer: Arlyn Abiyyah
The cruzaiders have remained true to the Lord and His gospel on this album and I am genuinley impressed. There is nothing better than to be able to knod your head to the beats yet be pierced in the heart by the lyrics. I believe they have only begun with this album%2

These dudes are off the heezy, really puttin it down for the lord
Reviewer: Vigilant 1
This is really one of the best christian hip hop cds I've heard in a minute. Alot of cats puttin out gospel rap are just talkin about whatever, but these dudes spit truth with flava, sure to be a classic.

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"“The Cruz-Aiders Show that There’s No Better Life”"

November 01, 2005
The Cruz-Aiders is beginning to make their name known among the holy hip-hop world. Residing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (one of the best vacation spots in the United States), the Cruz-Aiders is spreading the message of Jesus Christ through a unique-lyrical style of raps and rhymes in their debut album “No Better Life.” This holy hip-hop group consists of two sets of brothers: Brian Shannon (Zion) & Todd Shannon (Wizdom) and Riqui Gaillard (Judah) & Dell Gaillard (Vizion). Their mission is to carry the message of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying generation, but in a different way of giving hope through love.

The name “Cruz-Aiders” means aiders or helpers of the cross, and it is a play on the word crusaders, which refers to the term given to those that assisted Pope Urban II in 1095 to gain control of Jerusalem through the first crusades. This distinct name gives an insight to how they approach their audience with the messages within the songs on the album “No Better Life.”

The record begins with an introduction of who the Cruz-Aiders are and explaining what they mean by the terms “no better life.” They are talking about how there is no better life than one in Jesus Christ. As soon as the next second passes at the end of the intro, it jumps right into the next track entitled “What?” (Not like Lil’ John & the Eastside Boyz) The song is a praise anthem that gets everyone excited and ready to praise and worship God, and it explains why we should because He continues to be better to us than we could ever be to ourselves. Throughout the compilation, the Cruz-Aiders continues to stress and express how much God loves us and how much we need Him in our lives.

I think my favorite song on this album is “Wizdom.” Wizdom (the group member) begins the track with an introduction talking about what wisdom is and what is not while Beethoven’s “Symphony Number 5” is playing in the background. The introduction turns into the song “Wizdom” using Symphony Number 5 with a hip-hop twist and Wizdom raps to express what wisdom is in Jesus Christ. Along with this song, I enjoy “What?”, “One God”, “Never Seen”, and “We Ready.”

As with all artists, there is nothing like seeing this group in person. The Cruz-Aiders have a wonderful stage presence, and they are so hype when they are performing and ministering unto their audience. I would advise everyone to purchase “No Better Life” because it would be a great investment to buy for family and friends and most importantly, yourself. For more information on events and the music of The Cruz-Aiders, check out their website at The Cruz-Aiders is an awesome group, and I would look out for them in the near future as they continue to do big things not just in the holy hip-hop community, but also in the entire world.

- by Karlton Clay the GSU signal


Latest release entitled "Free" Recorded and mixed by Virgil Byrd for Platform Productions
for cd purchases visit:

First independent release, No Better Life-16 track Album/CD

To sample cd audio go to



The Cruzaiders are a group of Holy Hip- Hoppers who seek to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their local urban community areas, the U.S. and abroad through the medium of music and various forms of evangelism. In addition to maintaining a commitment to their local church youth ministries,
The Cruzaiders have ministered at various youth events, evangelistic outreaches, conferences etc. They have opened in concert for other holy hip hop ministries and artists such as The Cross Movement, Da T.R.U.T.H of Cross Movement Records, I.R.O.C.C., Big Daddy Weave, Overflow and New Song. The Cruzaiders were inspired to spark their own movement and spread the Gospel message placing emphasis on the need to reach hip hop culture. Since 2000, the Cruzaiders have seen an ever growing need for the work that God has placed before them in their portion of the vineyard in this season of their lives. The group consists of two sets of brothers hailing from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Essential-(Brian Shannon)
The oldest member of the group, works as a servant-leader in youth ministry in his local church, a school teacher and teen counselor. He has a heart to see youth saved and soled out to Christ, developing as true kingdom citizens. essential made a personal commitment to Christ in 1995. Having been previously influenced by hip-hop culture growing up in the urban area of bed-stuy Brooklyn and eventually the project areas of Myrtle Beach. He became an aspiring solo artist in 1998. Ever since his change-over, which he credits his mother for having the greatest spiritual influence over, he has been representing the Lord Jesus Christ and his people with a desire to be a temple where God dwells

Wizdom-(Todd Shannon)
Along with his older brother essential, Wizdom works and serves as a counselor, mentor and teacher to the youth of his local church and community. As the original creator of most of the cruz-aiders music, Wizdom’s focus is to bring the wisdom of God to this generation as a solo artist and beat composer through his music.

Judah-(Riqui Gaillard)
Judah is a fervent warrior for the lord, with his name being based on the Biblical tribe of praise. He has been serving the lord since his high school years, eventually serving as a peer chaplain to the athletic department of his university. Judah’s desire, through his artistry, is to “let him be praised” Who? Christ!

Vizion- (Dell Gaillard)
As the youngest member of the group, Vizion brings energy and youthful vigor as an artist. Like his older brother Judah, he is a fervent, multi-talented, warrior of praise to the most high with a desire to see life through the eyes of God, because without a vision the people perish.