CrUz CoNtRoL & The Sons Of Anarchy
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CrUz CoNtRoL & The Sons Of Anarchy

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The now selling album is CrUz CoNtRoL Round 2 & The Sons Of Anarchy the album is on sale at Entertainment Central here in Woodsville New Hampshire trying to get some other local stores to sell it, so hopefully you'll see it somewhere in your travels. It's also going to be for sale in Mass within the next couple of weeks, but there's a catch to it if you want one you'll have to contact our manager Wayne Thompson in Peabody I will post his # on the page in a couple days. The new album do out in about three months is called CrUz CoNtRoL Untill I Die



We are from Wells River Vermont just a 4 piece band at the moment looking for another guitariest and a keyboardest to help fill in the gaps.. We have been playing together for about five months.. took alittle break and got back together for the music that needs to go on and be played for the fans that we have..
Me and Bill have played together for the last 4 yrs plus in different bands like Black Widow and Northern Trend Kill.. We have written probably like 6 albums worth of music..
Tommy and D'wayne well sthis is there first real gig but tommy will do fine he sings Kareoke so he'll be alright
You know its not that i dont like alot of the new bands but some of these bands singers really do stink you know its like a pine knot in a saw mill. So if i sound like that than i guess you better tell me so and ill stop playing well thats us hope you like it.
Bill Herbert III lives in So. Ryegate Vermont he's been playing for about 10 yrs. He has played drums with me off and on for the last 4 yrs.
D'Wayne is from Groton Vermont he has lived there off and on for years. I have known him like my whole life he hung out with my brother and partied with him thruogh high school.
Tom Quiggsly is from Avon Mass he's a singer, he sings kareoke but he's good like really good American Idol material. Speaking of American Idol Tommy and I are thinkin of going down to New Jersey to try out for the up coming American Idol show on August 19, 2008.
He sounds a lot like Edwin McCain, Jon Bon Jovi, and some others he puts a good mix into the original material he does in this band.
Me I'm from Ryegate Vermont lived here my whole life. I started playing guitar and singing when I was a kid but the guitar thing didn't work out back then so just sang. I started playing the guitar again when I was about 10 krappy but then when i was 18 i met this guy Josh Conery and he help me out a lot then i met Billy and Doug Senter and here i am ready to take on the world baby...
The band has been together sence January but we took a break kindda and got back together for the real deal this time around we hope you like it and if not well thats Rock N Roll ain't it You Can't Always Get What You Want right...