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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Achis' Reggae Blog"

While the USVI has definitely developed a signature sound -- Very very heavy and almost old-school Roots Reggae -- it is nice to see someone go 'against the grain' just a bit and the latest to do so following people such as De Apostle and others, is the St. Croix born Cruz Rock who now brings forth his debut album release, "Temperature Rise". His music is more of a Hip-Hop/Dancehall/Dance blend which, almost certainly, has more mainstream aspirations. I've never really known him to do any other style of music, so while it may not be my favourite set, I've nothing bad to say about his work. Also, Cruz Rock has worked with Carrion Entertainment (biggup Justo) who always does solid work. Anddddddd you can also check out the infectious first single from the album and title track, which features the (EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE) very talented Jahdesta. - Achis


Temperature Rise Album 2011

Temperature Rise Album 2011 available on itunes:

Temperature Rise- #28 on the Digicel Top 100 chart; #9 on Tempo's Caribbean Countdown.



He is one of the most highly anticipated Artists to derive out of the
U.S Virgin Islands, a singer, songwriter & producer. He maintains a
steady rise as one of the Virgin Islands top Entertainers, creating a
new era in music. A soul that is restless and destined for greatness
he is Cruz Rock “Iyatola”. His voice echoes through the airwaves
stepping into the future with his powerful delivery and lyrical
patterns. He is a versatile lyricist with a great imagination,
creating genres of music ranging from Reggae, Dancehall, R&B, Island
Pop & Reggaetone. Switching from a “DJ MC” with striking lyrics to a
“Sing Jay” with soft melodies. Cruz Rock has shared the stage
alongside legends like Glenn Washington, Beanie Man, Elephant Man, Mr.
Vegas, Bugle, Rock City, Verse Simmonds, R&B sensation Lloyd and many
Cruz Rock was born on July 4, 1984 on the island of St.Croix
U.S.Virgin Islands, the youngest of 3 children. His heritage traces
back to Trinidad & Tobago as well as San Juan Puerto Rico and Viequez.
Born to a Trinidadian mother and a Puerto Rican father he is a mixture
of two very influential cultures. His love for music started at a
young age, his father was a member of a local salsa band on the island
while his mom was a woman of faith always singing to him gospel songs.
His sister was also a great singer, setting examples for him when she
performed at local events. While his brother’s unconditional love for
reggae helped him to absorb the Jamaican culture and dialect. “My
brother began listening to reggae music in the 90’s and introduced it
to me at an early age , being that I looked up to him I drew closer to
the reggae music. I listened to Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Sizzla, Red
Rat, Buju Banton and so many more legends in the Reggae industry.”
In 2002, the young visual artist was selected by the St. Croix
Agriculture Fair and Innovative to be the designer of their Annual
Agriculture Fair Festival poster, being the youngest to do so in the
territory. Later that year he earned himself an award for best top
three artists in The Virgin Islands Congressional Art Competition. His
High School teacher Anselm Richards pushed him to accomplish more, and
expected excellence. Before graduating high school he received a
partial four- year scholarship to an elite private college in
Columbus, Ohio, the “Columbus College of Art & Design”, where he began
in the fall of 2002. While away to college for higher learning his
opportunities to battle with artist’s stateside made his mc skills
expand. He started working with local groups and recorded his first
track in 2002. In 2003, he did his first club performance in Club Red
Zone, then known as “Cruz Bwoy”. He states, “I performed that night
with Unique Soul a close friend in college, I did OK being that it was
my first time on a real stage”. That night T-Rock Sounds heard the
potential in the young artist. T- Rock Sounds were a sound system
residing in Ohio but originally from St. Thomas, U.S.Virgin Islands.
They then called him Rock turning the young artists formerly Cruz
Bwoy into Cruz Rock. In late 2003, Cruz Rock created V.I. Pride
alongside his friends from the Virgin Islands all living in Ohio. He
would then perform in over 100 shows in Columbus Ohio and then moving
on to Cincinnati, Lorraine and other areas of Ohio performing for over
3000 fans at times.
In 2005, Carrion Entrainment contacted Cruz Rock after hearing his
music, he offered to put the young talent on a new project he was
about to release “The Virgin Islands Reggae Gold”. The Project gave
him great exposure releasing “Mama She Cry’s” produced by Trini Tobal
and”Mo Gyal” produced by Louis Flabba Malcolm. Graduating from college
in 2006 with a BFA in Industrial Design & Engineering he decided to
move to Orlando, Florida, after hearing his fellow Islander Pressure
tearing up the air waves with “Love & Affection”. He established
himself once again with the local dj’s and promoters performing in
different events and shows in the area. After 2 years, he began to see
that there wasn't enough for him in Orlando so he moved to New York
where he began working behind the scenes with Tempo TV. He would then
shoot his first full HD video “Joy” which has featured on Tempo
numerous times as well as other Caribbean entertainment channels and
International channels abroad.
In 2009, after accomplishing almost a year in New York, he decided to
go back home to the Virgin Islands to continue his musical mission.
Being that his video “Joy” was playing on TV weeks before his arrival
he came home to find out that people already knew who Cruz Rock was.
After returning home to the Virgin Islands, he decided to open a
business called “Majestic Designs” where he does graphic designs. His
degree and specialized training has helped him to enhance his music
talents by doing his own editing, album covers, logo’s, flyers,
banners, my space layouts and much mor