This 15 yr old is a Prodigy! Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Composer, Performer Shes got it all !


What can I say about Cry the Artist, not enough, this 15 year old phenomenon, is definitely what the music industry is looking for these days.

Just like, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Jimi Hendrix and Alicia Keys, Cry is definitely ahead of her time
and in a class of her own, truly a musical genius.

As a little girl Cry grew up in a Household where music was the main focus.

Her exposure to Classical, Rock, House, Disco,Funk, and Old Skool R&B, at such an early age, has afforded her an extensive Musical background.

Cry plays Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Acoustic, Rythem and Lead Guitar.

She is the composer, arranger, producer, songstress, on all her original songs.

Cry calls her Music Style New Generation, which is a combination of Old Skool R&B mixed with Funk, Rock & Latin Rhythms to create this New Music Style.

If you have enjoyed listening to Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Minnie Ripperton, and Evelyn Champagne King, Then you will be Pleasantly surprised at the vocal ability of this young 15-year-old talent extraordinaire.

At the age of 15 years old Cry has a wide vocal range that has allowed her to Develop a very exciting and unique singing style. Cry is absolutely the next young Diva on the Music Scene for this New Millennium.

Cry has all these wonderful Creative talents as well as being a very humble, bright, energetic, and a well developed Artist, who understands what it takes to endure longevity.

So if you’re ready for this Special treat, sit back, close your eyes to be wonderfully surprised!


Sugar & Spice, Purple Sky, Is'nt it Funny, Cry, The Lonely Life, Dance with Me, Tu Eres Cabron.

Set List

The Lonely Life, Purple Sky, Cry, The Dance Lesson.