Crybaby is an "anything-goes" rock band that follows only two rules: write good songs and never take yourself seriously.


Growing up together in a sleepy midwestern town, these four have known eachother since childhood, and in several different incarnations they have played music together for almost as long. Classifying the group musically is seamingly simple; at their core, the compositions are pop songs, but what sets them apart from other "singles" bands is the way in which their songs are voiced and layered.

"It always has to start with a great song; you write a really good song and you use it as a skeleton. Then you start adding different things to it and pretty soon it takes on a very disturbing and terrifying shape, and thats when we know we've done our job." -Rusty, Guitar Player

"As far as songwriting goes, we aren't afraid of one-four-five chord progressions, as long as we keep them fresh, but we also strive to use strange and unique progressions upon which we can write alien melodies." -Mark VanPatten, Guitar Player

Crybaby has been known to put on "extravagant" stage shows, making use of video projections, fog machines, lights, and crowd participation. They have performed pranks on the audience, played shows dressed up as a group of elderly men, and even held a bake sale at a show, giving out home-made brownies and peanut butter cookies.

"We want people who come to our shows to walk away with smiles on their faces. We try to give them more than what they bargained for. If we can make the audience have a good time, make them feel uncomfortable, scare them to death, or even instigate a fight, than we've given them something more to say after the show than 'That band was pretty good.' We've given them something special that they will be talking about long after the show" -Jon Ford, drummer

The Band, officialy formed in early 2003, has been building their chops playing shows in the tri-state area. They have also kept busy constantly writing and recording songs, and despite band member's personal problems like getting shot and narrowly escaping death in a massive car accident, these guys remain relentlessly focussed on their music and they are constantly striving to become a better band.

"Being in this band comes with a great responsibility to ourselves and to our audience, and that is to ensure that we are having fun. The moment we begin taking ourselves seriously is the moment that Crybaby comes to an end." -Andy Dole, Bass Player


Vernon Place EP (2004) (out of print)
Bake Sale EP (2005) (out of print)
Lady Light Evolver (2006)

Set List

Large Marge, Interspectacular, Salt Shake Redemption, Ghost Town, Bad Friday, John Glenn is my Hero, Neolithic Vernacular, Crybaby, Gelatinous Cubes, Soapbox King, R U Ready 2 Go, Jump in the Fire, Cosmic Grave, Angry Mark, My Cartel, Crime and Violence.

I Call My Baby Pussycat - Parliament
March of the Pigs - Nine Inch Nails
Anuerysm - Nirvana
TV Eye - Stooges

Crybaby's sets usually consist of 8 to 10 songs and run between 30 and 40 minutes.