Cry For Us Black Swans

Cry For Us Black Swans

 San Diego, California, USA

Cry For Us Black Swans is the ethereal art-rock passion project of once feral, San Diego based frontman turned experimental singer-songwriter Jon Piotrowski.
Think Ian Curtis, Mark Kozelek, and Mark Lanegan all trapped in a prison cell with only an acoustic guitar to ease their isolation.


Cry For Us Black Swans is the ethereal art-rock passion project from once feral frontman turned experimental singer-songwriter Jon Piotrowski.

Piotrowski has been in and out of the San Diego music scene for nearly a decade. Weary of lack of progress, lack of change and numerous inner band quarrels, Piotrowski stepped away from three projects he was deeply vested in at the start of 2010 - thrash rock/electro group Shark Attack, danceable new-wave group Cats From Japan, and most notably the grunge/post-punk band Demasiado whom he started with musical counterpart Damon De La Paz (original drummer of 30 Foot Fall and guitarist of Fenix TX) back in 2005. (Demasiado was joined in 2008 by founding member of Unwritten Law, Wade Youman).

In search of an artistic challenge, Piotrowski decided to pick up a guitar and play shows alone, harnessing the raw vulnerability of that approach. The batch of songs that he had written discretely over the latter half of the past decade soon became Piotrowski's Live set, 'Cry For Us Black Swans' became his moniker and recording an Album became his top priority.

Cry For Us Black Swans in present day is part moniker/part band in that a mojority of Live shows are stripped and raw, still with only Piotrowski's haunting vocals and an acoustic guitar; while other performances feature an array of added players and eclectic instruments - making for an emotionally encompassing and evocative take on the skeletons that are normally brought to the table (stage).

The Debut Full Length Album, "A Thousand Years" (Release Date: 5/29/2011) - Available on iTunes, BandCamp, and Vinyl Record blends these two extremes, showcasing the macabre songwriting of Jon with longtime friend, studio engineer, co-songwriter and ambient accompanying guru, Eric Walton.

In October 2011, "We Are Shadows" was released in a strictly digital format. It is a collection of B-sides and rarities from 'A Thousand Years', along with brand new tracks from Piotrowski and Walton.

In July 2011, Cry For Us Black Swans was nominated for a San Diego Music Award as the year's 'Best New Artist'.

Piotrowski currently resides in Austin, TX where he is recording the band's third album entitled "Silhouette Locust Valley" due out in Summer 2012.


Fire Attracts Bats

Written By: Jon Piotrowski

Everything I know is alone in my head today
Rubbing alcohol
Walking down the hallway
Put your head in a hole to cover up the bright lights
Passageways, skeletons knowing it'll be alright
The elephant is in the room; that is just how it goes


Save you something to give away
Rings, couches, the picture that I didn't take
Northern wind blows
Swing from the belfry
Safe and sound the bats are falling down

I've got concrete daisies growing out
Of the floor where I sleep
So I'm going out
To do some dancing to forget about
All the problems I have
So I'm going out back to the house
Where we lived for a thousand years.


"A Thousand Years" - Full Length Debut Album
Release Date: May 29, 2011
Available on Vinyl Record / iTunes / Bandcamp

"We Are Shadows"
Release Date: October 15, 2011
Available on iTunes / Bandcamp

Radio Airplay: Courtesy of FM94.9 (San Diego, CA) and 91X (San Diego, CA)

Set List

Fire Attracts Bats
Fear of Sleep
Pictures in Rivers
Los Angeles
Leather Soul

(Set times can range from 30 min to 1 hour)