Cryin' Outloud

Cryin' Outloud


We call ourselves a rock band though we don't know who you could compare us to. We play for fun and have fun while playing.


Cryin Outloud is a mix of many styles. We have varying influences from Zepplin, to Default.

We have a female lead singer who can put on a show. A guitarist who can light up the sound and a drummer can drive the sound to another level.
Musically we have yet found somone to compare our style to though I am sure there is someone out there.
Tanya loves Zepplin (and she can wail it) and was a gold mine that just happend upon the band by pure luck. They needed a singer, she needed a band and they had a mutual friend who made a match made in heaven.
Rick is a fan of every music known to man.He is almost obsessive about his gear as well as his music.

Darren has been playing forever and has drummed with several touring bands and can play everything from R&B to metal and loves them both.
Troy is the "level headed one" who still loves to rock.

The best compliment so far has been that Cryin' Outloud has been asked back to every venue they have ever played. (Around 30 different places and about 100 shows the last 3 years)

It's hassle free, "low maintenance" band that like to play and they believe in their music.


We have an 8 song EP titled Stereo Shaker.
We have a myspace account @ where you can hear 4 of our tracks.

Set List

A typical set may start with Counting Blue Cars by Dishwalla. That always seems to be a good grove songto egt going. If we are feeling lively we start with Fly Me Courageous by Drivin N Cryin. If we are really wound we may start with Sober by Tool.

That woudl be followed by original music such as Part of Me and Get Out. Depending on the length of the show we will play mostly original music with a few covers mixed in, or if it's an all night show we well do quite few covers with the originals mixed in.
Possum Kingdom by The Todies and Whole Lotta Love by Zepplin are always big crowd pleasers. We do covers by Teh White Stripes, Gin Blossoms, Jet, Blind Melon,The Pretenders and many other bands from the 80's and 90's.
We try to keep the show rocking with originals like Failure and Can't Recall The Moment.