Cry of Silence

Cry of Silence

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

All-Asian Rock band from Vancouver Canada combining the styles of Punk, Grunge, and modern hard rock. Their live shows are always full of high-energetic stage presence and great audience participation. Cry of Silence means using music to make our voices heard and to be a positive influence!


Cry of Silence is a Vancouver-based hard rock group founded by Eddie Lam that inadvertently evolved into an all-Asian band. They combine a unique mix of punk, grunge, garage, and metal, including sounds of '90s and '80s influences. Cry of Silence's songs speak about making positive changes, true life-changing stories, and stuff that just makes you feel awesome.

Along with their debut album "Influence" (produced by Clayton Creed at Ear Art Music), other achievements to date include playing at the Commodore Ballroom and sharing the stage with Art of Dying, Hey Ocean, Kyprios, and Kill Matilda.


"Influence" (2011)

Set List

Intro (instrumental)
Save the Day
Running in Circles
Injected My Mind
Old Habits Die
Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Cover)
Instrumental Jam
In Seven Days
Heart-Shaped Box (Cover)