Cryptic Reign

Cryptic Reign




Cryptic Reign is a trio formed in Western Massachusetts with diverse styles and backgrounds. They are musicians that are trying to follow musicianship as it should be, with no expectation of glory, but to write music to the best of their capability for enjoyment and entertainment of the audience. Cryptic Reign is not interested in falling into the mainstream, but, will not pass up opportunity to grow in the industry. The three members of Cryptic Reign are very determined and fast moving musicians with no desire to slow down.

Cryptic Reign's members have a variety of experience, some members have had schooling in music theory and composition, others have multiple years of stage experience adding up to over 35 years combined.


We do have some college airplay and a demo that is currently being distributed at our shows in Western Mass. and Hartford. The songs on this CD:
Bathory, Dead Soul, Windowless Room, Asylum, Slave Driver, and Burning Hatred

Set List

Our sets are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours (depends on where we play). Set lists change with the amount of time we play and we are always writing. Sometimes we do a cover, but not always and it could be anything from Metallica to Slayer or Pantera.