Cry Solnca

Cry Solnca


"Cry Solnca" means "edge of the sun". This young Russian band was founded in 2004 in Moscow. Their stylistic feature: expressive guitar sounds and melodic singing. In their homeland they have already gained a lot of live experience.


The band Cry Solnca presents a unique view of the Russian music scene especially referring to Moscow. The band was founded in 2004. The two brothers Max and Taras Zadoya and the singer Jane Maximova started to define their profile by the combination of expressive guitar sounds and melodic singing. Their compositions are influenced by various styles of alternative music.

They have gained their extensive live experience by playing in various clubs of Moscow and some other Russian cities. The live gigs of Cry Solnca are frequently supported by session musicians. Another important aspect of the band is the collaboration with Oleg Kompasov director for the movie "Aziris Nuna" (2006). The soundtrack of this movie includes two songs of Cry Solnca "Animoso" and "Triangel Sun".

In 2007 Cry Solnca entered the internet music competition "MuseOn-2007" and received the title "Best alternative Band".


2006 - Soundtrack of "Aziris Nuna", two tracks "Animoso" and "Triangle Sun"

12/2007 - Compilation "Moskau-Berlin-Express Vol. 1" (SP-MusicWorks, Berlin/Germany), two tracks "Tayna" (Secret) and "100" , played by Radio Fritz (Berlin/Brandenburg, Germany) and streaming by DI.FM New York (USA) and iNewAge Soul (South Korea)

Coming soon - Album "Edge of the Sun" (SP-MusicWorks, Berlin/Germany)

Set List

Current album tracks:
1. Angel
2. Animoso
3. Secret
4. No stop
5. Lola, run!
6. Never
7. I’m here
8. Secret place
9. Fly down together
10. Unreal universe
11. The wind
12. The snowstorm
13. Triangle sun
+ various tracks of their general repertoire, altogether 1-1,5 hours