Crystal is as her name suggests; she is honest and her heartfelt message of everlasting hope is clear. Her simple acoustic guitar and beatiful voice are dynamic. Crystal is an uplifting performer; her ranging emotions easily empathised with as she journeys through a testimony of life experience.


Crystal is a dynamic performer who exudes joy in her live performance. Previously a lead singer for several bands,in both
elbourne and Brisbane, Crystal has returned to her strength of accoustic solo singer/songwriter. Crystal's songwriting is influenced by artists such as Jewel, Madonna, Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson.


Prove it to me

Written By: Denise Dyson

All those sweet words
You whispered in my ear
They mean nothing
Cause you are not here
Show me that you love
Show me you care
Show me that you want me
And you'll always be there
And I'll be there to love you
I'll be there to hold ya
I'll take care of ya
No matter how hard things seem
I'll never give up on you and me

If you want me to believe that you love me
Prove it to me
Prove it to me

Do you know what you want
Do you know how you feel?
Are you moving forward
Are you standing still?
Am I only dreaming?
Why should I keep believing?
Love is more than a feeling
Do you know what it takes to love?

All that I'm asking for
Is your heart nothing more
I just want to know this is real
Not just what I feel