Crystal Beers

Crystal Beers


Crystal Beers writes and plays the infectious kind of pop/rock songs that get stuck in your head and have you singing along by the second chorus. Big hooks and lyrics that are easy to relate to, make this artist worth the listen


Vancouver based singer/songwriter, Crystal Beers has always made music from her life. Gathering inspiration from something as simple as the rhythm of windshield wipers or as complex as a dying relationship, Crystal's music is a reflection into her everyday.

From a musical family, relatives were members of the wildly popular grassroots band 'the Bunkhouse Boys,' it was no surprise when Crystal showed signs of talent at an early age, making music from whatever she could get her hands on. Receiving her first full sized guitar at the age of nine, Crystal started writing songs with a maturity that at the same time both thrilled and terrified her parents. Most girls fill diaries with their inner musings, and tales of unrequited love; Crystal writes soul-baring songs.

Winning top honors in a national songwriting competition at the age of 16, Crystal enjoyed the spotlight, appearing a number of television and radio programs. Through these guest spots, her cheeky, good nature led to a second career behind the mike of her own radio program, as well as lending her vocals to many commercial projects.

Honing her songwriting and singing skills with a number of projects in recent years, Crystal has discovered her comfort zone as an artist. "I just stopped trying to be what people wanted me to be, and just was who I am." She says, "Things fell into place." Now performing as a solo artist, Beers is catching the eye of a number of industry big-wigs.

A full length cd is currently in the works.


So Far - EP
"Something About You" - digital whammy top ten

Set List

Sets consist of original pop/rock songs