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The best kept secret in music



Crystallyzed showcases Crystal Cameron’s excellent craftsmanship. Crystal’s music encompasses insightful songs about faith and life, and delivers a strong batch of radio ready pop songs

The album starts off with the fun and sprightly opener “Blessed Day” featuring bouncy guitars and playful synths. Crystal’s soulful vocals continue to be a firm theme throughout this record, and the smooth back beats never drift out of earshot, giving Crystallyzed that distinctive R&B/Bluesy flavor that make her songs so pleasantly appealing.

The track “So Real”, is a reassuring message for those seeking to share in the hope that she's come to know.

Another good listen is the track “It’s not about Luck”, Although a wonderful song of hope and reverence, there is an appealing sense of vulnerability present as well. Crystal manages to instill a small part of her world into every track, giving each song a level of intimacy that's beautiful to behold.

“All I Need”, is a track which serves as an intimate look into Crystal’s personal faith and spiritual walk. Her emotive and soulful voice conveys each lyric with an undeniable warmth, transforming each song on the record into a quiet invitation into her world.

Another upbeat track on the album, and one of my personal favorites is the playfully stated "Lift My Handz –Do My Dance”. This track has encouraging lyrics set to a smooth melody. The music, and vocals by Cameron, (as well as featured artists DEZ and A. T. Blaq) are captivating.

After everything, this record is definitely a must have, Crystal Cameron has put together quite the listening experience that only grows closer with every listen. Very open spacious arrangement and mix...Performance is strong and tighter than a lot of what you hear on the radio today. The performance is blazing. Completely professional in every way. This is ready for worldwide exposure.
- Sandra Phillips - Nov '05

"On A Mission"

Crystal Cameron is an independent artist who has been honing her music skills since the age of six. Through local talent shows, and a stint in a high school band known as SAGE she has continued to build upon a solid foundation of musical talents. Crystal has pursued her musical desires to the point of releasing her debut CD, Crystallyzed. Her debut combines elements of R&B, hip-hop, and a sprinkling of Latin and Reggae. With her debut album in hand, Crystal is on a mission to impact nothing less than the world ahead.

Crystal’s strongest point is her gospel R&B, but the other styles help to accentuate that element. I think that this is most obvious on “Thank You,” and “Lift My Handz – Do My Dance” where she skillfully mixes genres. However, my favorite tracks on the album are more predominantly R&B, and those include “My All T You,” and “So Real.” On her web site,, you can find song samples and more personal information about Crystal.

- Ken W.

- Ken Wiegman

"She's a Rare Talent!"

Crystal Cameron, is a true artist that illuminates the myriad of skills that she possess, her songs are meticulously crafted, yet retain an easy fresh natural flow. Crystal's music reflects her humanity, mplicity and incredible craftsmanship...she writes and performs with a recision found only in the best artists... A
definite must for everyone's list.

Crystal Cameron- INTERVIEW

Lear More about Crystal at:

IB: How do you approach songwriting and What influences you? Do you have a visual image in your mind as the song is composed, or does that come afterwards as a result of the song?

What normally influences me in songwriting is normally things that has happened to me and different trials and tribulations in life, and when I think back and reflect on how far God has brought me. I believe my best songs have come when I am not thinking about needing to write a song but when I am truly in the midst of heart filled worship
IB: What's your philosophy on music today?

I really believe that the true meaning of music has been lost. A lot of main stream music has been based on putting a pretty face to a good song (or bad) song. Music is therapeutic to your soul. Music is supposed to bring love and peace and meaning in your life and it was truly created to praise God, and now it seems a lot of music is either praising ones self and/or material things.
IB: Tell us about you, when did you begin writing songs ?

I wrote my first song when I was in grade school. I think I was in 5th or 6th grade.
IB: How many projects are you currently involved in?

At the time I am currently working on my own album but I also write and arrange for other artists too.

IB: What's your long-term goals?

My long term goal is to eventually own my own Production Company and learn all the ins and outs of the business and at that time I will be able to add producing to My singing/songwriting/arranging abilities. I also plan on having my own non-profit organization focused on helping children without parents or underpriviledged. There we will focus on teaching them how to become what they are purposed to be and bring out in them their gifts and talents. There are many other goals (long term) but I have to get to the next question so if your interested in more check out :)
IB: How did you get into music/songwriting?

Since I was a child I had just gravitated to music in all forms. When you are given a God given talent you don’t have to look to hard for it . It just comes out!!!!!!!
IB: How long have you been performing?

I have been performing since kindergarden
IB: What other artists/songwriters do you admire? And inspired you the most early on?

My influences come from such a broad spectrum, but vocally I was inspired a lot in my high school days by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and I listened to a lot of groups such as SILK, Boys 2 Men, Shai, and also Brian McKnight. I really admire artists such as Brian McKnight for not only his singing abilities but he is able to sing/write/arrange/produce. You name it he can do it and I really strive to be that type of artist myself. Later I got more into the alternative then Latin and Neo Soul/Hip hop music and I think in my music you can tell the influences of all.
IB: What do you want out of life?

To be happy so that I can contribute to making others happy too!!!!
IB: What is the most important lesson you think you have learned so far?

That things are not always what they seem and that we truly limit in our own minds what we really can do in life. Most people don’t aim high and miss they aim too low and hit!!!!!!!!!!
------------------------------------------------------------- MUZN: Where do you want to be in the future?

As far as location I am really not sure. I know for a season it will be in another country. Possibly Maui but wherever I am told to go you can consider it done!!!!!!!!
IB: How many of your songs are 'instant' songs and how many are channelled?

All songs are channeled but some do come a lil faster than others. Most of the best songs come through something I had just went through and/or really just hearing the voice of God.
IB: Tell us about your latest project?

My latest project is - - Sandra Phillips,


Date: 2001
Label: Top of The Line Entertainment

Date: 2006

Single: So Real
Date: 2006

Single: In The Midst of The Storm (Hurricane Relief)
Date: 2006

Single: Lift My Handz, Do My Dance (Remix)
Date: 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Crystal Cameron was blessed with the gift of music. Her talent exhibited itself to others by age six. Time and experience increased Crystal’s desire to perform in talent shows, churches, and local venues. By the age of thirteen, a talent agency opened the doors for her to continue developing her God-given talents. As Crystal’s endowed abilities continued to unfold, she wrote and arranged music in SAGE, a high school band, where she performed in clubs and other special events. It was apparent that God had expectations and specific plans for her life.
In 1999, Crystal left her hometown in Claysburg, PA and ventured by faith to Dallas, TX. With a pure gut feeling that what lies ahead would be life changing. She completed an album and appeared on several television shows: WB33, Dallas Entertainment, and the Darryl Johnson Show. Making this leap in her career only helped mold her into a strong, independent, God-fearing woman with a dedication to make a difference in other people’s lives through the vehicle of music. “My dream is not to just touch one culture, one religion, or one ethnicity, but through the spirit of music, touch one world. My music is now no longer something that I do, it is something that I am.”