Crystal Cote

Crystal Cote


Powerful and soulful a voice to be heard by all.


Powerful and soulful, Vocalist Crystal Coté has a voice to be heard. “She really delivers the goods in a beautifully sung performance” (The Georgia Straight).

With Lyrics aimed straight for the heart, "her bluesy vocals will send chills down your spine” (Revelstoke Times Review).
Crystal was born for the stage and follows through with a highly entertaining, consistent live show.
Vocally reminiscent of the late Eva Cassidy,
"Her charismatic stage presence will leave you charmed and chanting her words like little self help mantras" (Music Entertainment).

Since graduating from the Performing Arts Program at Vancouver's acclaimed Studio 58, Crystal's performance experience has taken a variety of forms; from singing at New Music West and the Sweet Basil Jazz festivals, to a re-occurring role on the television series Jeremiah, to the stage of the Arts Club Theatre Company. Crystal was also seen during Canada's search for a singing star in Pop Stars-The One, where she was selected in the top 5 for B.C. and top 40 of over 4000 in Canada.
Crystal's song 'Surface of the Water' won first in Blueshift Productions Song Writing Competition and she is a recipient of FACTOR’s Professional Demo Recording Award.

Crystal currently performs in the luxurious settings of Vancouver's upscale hotel lounges and for Corporate events. See for upcoming shows.

Her most memorable performance to date took place in the council chambers at Vancouver's City Hall. She was selected to represent female artists in honor of Women's Day for a special televised singing performance for Vancouver’s Mayor and City Council.

Crystal's Show Case performances were especially well received at New Music West 2003, 2006, Music Waste 2004 and The Sweet Basil Jazz Festival where she opened for Laura Doyle and The Lads.

She produced and performed in "The Crystal Ball" at the Backstage Lounge in Vancouver. An evening of very talented woman in music, featuring: Ndidicascade, Vicky Sojhall (formerly of Cherry Bomb) and Paula Toledo.
Crystal recently released CD 'A Voice to be Heard' is a laid back, live in studio recording with Pianist Luis Giraldo and Drummer John Nolan. The ten familiar favorites are a wonderfully sultry mix of Pop and Jazz standards. Crystal is currently working on a full length CD of her original material and plans to continue sharing her 'clear and beautiful singing voice' (The Vancouver Sun) in various venues throughout the city.



Written By: Crystal Cote & Chris Chok

Crystal Cote & Chris Chok

V1 You brought me close
You held me near
Your tender touch
Your faithful ear


You are my peace of mind
You’re where I go every time
You are my joy, light, just hold me tight To you I give my life


You, you, you You are my strength
You help get through the day baby You are my hope
The proof that my battles have been won
You are the reasons the seasons
The moon and the stars and the sun
You are the one

V2 Opened my heart
Let you inside
You spoke a truth
I can’t deny

We fly above the rain
You brighten up my darkest day
You are my joy, my light, just hold me tight To you I give my life


I feel so close
you are this heart tender truth
I give you all I have to give
with my gratitude
Your love is so divine
you’ve had my back every time
You, you, you, you


Missing Piece

Written By: Crystal Cote & Chris Chok

Missing Piece
Crystal Cote & Chris Chok

I can’t take one more blow
I’m too fragile might explode
Into space into time
Where my wrongs will be right
I can no longer hide all this hurting inside
I’m loving you more with each tear that I cry


There’s a missing piece
I keep wanting to look for
There’s an empty space
I keep trying to fill

From my deepest sorrow
To the peak of renew
And back again
I keep looking for you

I’ve been down as far as I can go
You were my shelter.. Oh yea, you kept me from the storm
And I don’t know what to do
How could I lose someone like you?
I keep wanting you back
again and again
My life’s not the same
I’m going insane



Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh I’m on my own
Don’t know where to call home
I keep searching and searching
Which way do I go.
And I’m hanging on the edge
I need your love to bring me back in

DB Chorus -outro

Home In Your Arms

Written By: Crystal Cote


My ode to you, Is I owe you
All my love, all my gratitude
We’d never know what you’d say too loud
Then we laugh together, we’d have to cover our mouths


Gemini you are balancing two sides
Can’t decide what is right do you fight do you lay down and die


Well I, I am at home in your arms
I’m at home in your arm
So please don’t forget
Don’t regret


Did you know your first one I’d call
when I win when I lose it all your the soft place I fall
Strong and true, you stayed standing through
All this life have thrown at you


Gemini I am on your side
I will fight this good fight till I lay down and die


I, I am at home in your arms
I’m at home in your arms
Please don’t forget
Don’t regret

You’re a gift unto this place
No answer to why for
Just be here for today
And spend your time....with me

At Home in your arms /5


-Factor Funded Demo Recording.
-A Voice to be Heard- 10 Song Jazz CD.
CD available for purchase through

Set List

Repertoire consists of originals as well Jazz, pop and R&B standards.