Crystal Dudley

Crystal Dudley


I am a singer/songwriter. I love to write. I Love to Worship. I am learning to develop my own personal style of vocal presentation and would really love to work with someone who's already crossed that bridge. I want the world to hear the testimony inside me.


Neo Soul, pop, jazz, contemporary, inspirational.
Influences are Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Billie Holiday, India Arie.

I want to be "Discovered, Developed, because I am DESTINED" to do this thing.



Written By: Crystal D. Dudley

Remember how I wanted you
How I longed for you
The day that I walked away from you.
I was broken; I was chokin
For the living air i used to breathe in you

But now Im back in your arms again
Back in your charms again
And I can't explain the feeling that I feel

Its like the First Time
I felt your love inside my heart
Tears came to my eyes and I felt butterflies
and my body was burning for your
my soul was yearning for you
then I was consumed, when your love came down on me

Remember how you pursued me
How you wood med
the loving thing that you still do for me
but Lord you never chased me
you waited patiently
for the day that I would see that you were meant for me
and now Im back in yoru arms again
back in your charms again
and I cant explain the feeling that I feel


Single- Butterflies, Featured Artist-More and More, For Who I am, Sacrifice

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