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Honey E.P (2005 fall release)



“Shaken but focused, hectic but controlled…an organized clutter” That’s how the band crystal KID describes the ideas that twist and turn around in their recording studio. Such ideas are just a partial element of what their songwriting consists of; add to the mix, unique personalities, big ambitions and the desire to create the best songs possible and you have as a result, crystal KID.

The weather had been as unpredictable as always in the spring of 2002 in the city of Calgary, Alberta (Canada). Meanwhile, the Brazilian-born brothers, Charles (Guitars) and Frank (Vocals, Bass) Torrealba were toying around with the idea of forming a band. After several failed attempts, they were introduced to Vancouver-born drummer, Morgan Wand; a couple of jamming sessions and he was in. A couple of years after the independent release of an L.P and a short lived tour around Alberta, the band decided that something needed to improve. They decided that a harder look at their songwriting was what they needed if they wanted to thrive with their music.

A couple of years after their formation, the group would see themselves isolated in their own studio listening to nothing else but the songs they were crafting and the artists that had influenced them. “Listening to bands like Oasis, U2, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith and even Michael Jackson played a crucial role in our songwriting”-says guitarist Charles Torrealba. They listened, they learned, they were working harder than they had ever had. “When you have 3 hard working and very creative individuals in the same room for a while, magic happens” adds drummer Morgan Wand.

It is 2005 and the group has had many name changes; crystal KID is what they have decided on. They have enjoyed a good share of long songwriting hours; they have discussed many of the creative aspects of their lives as well as set goals for their own future. As a result the songs for their upcoming E.P appropriately titled “Honey” are a collection of well structured danceable rock songs, with catchy melodies, well thought out lyrical work, and dark pop overtones for added interest. “We plan to take our creation to the top of the world, which is definitely the best location to be heard” says Frank with a smirk on his face.

Now for those waiting for something different, something distinguishable; Ladies and Gentlemen, with no further a due, the curtains have been opened and I’d like to present to you, crystal KID.